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Thread: The false back line .1423 formation

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    Hello guys,
    My name is Hapi ken,I try so much to develop new tactics in football and this time round i thought of changing from the most common tactic of using versatile fullbacks (RB and LB) to attack and defend.i have put my emphasis on two DMCs. Who should be versatile to attack and defend.the formation is
    Formation (1423 ) dc lb rb dmldmr 2mc 3w (amc)
    RB LB
    CM CM
    Let me expalain how it would work .u can put red arrows on your defenders to make them forcus on defending and also your defensive midfielders .incase you have a higher quality opponent .and the green arrow on your Amc to make him more of a false nine
    However u must have a good CB .This formation has worked well on formations like .4231 and 4213.However its not good on formations with 4midfielders like 3412 or 3142...
    .i want to make a false backline .but can somene help me improve it .
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