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    )) omg what i see here is unbelievable. i know association matches are "arranged" and the server is the only one who decides who wins, BUT what i see in this topic is mindblowing... results changed the day after, different scores to one match or another. i mean, OMG, it's like the sicilian mafia is gambling on these matches and change scores the way they want. and i thought i was scammed by the server (when i lost 2 times with a 30% weaker team)... that's the reason why associations are simply trash and have nothing to do with this game. and what is nordeus doing about this? nothing...maybe just trying to find new ways to squeeze more money from managers...
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    Hey guys, you should have some filters on associations search, like dont show the full, or sort by points etc
    Its unacceptable for us to have to scroll over 100 full or low level associations to just find one meeting our standards

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