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    We have just been promoted to Gold 1 and when we now look in the 'Standings' tab is says:

    There are not enough football associations in your division

    I've never seen this message before, nor have any of the other association members. Any idea what will happen and how we will be matched with other associations?

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    Fckng top11 thiefs and human scum

    Quote Originally Posted by johnnyangel View Post
    instead making shit changes to fa rewards try make fa matches more fair. It isn't fair to lose from a team that's 50% weaker than mine.
    they just dont care, only thing they are interested in is to steal money from people ! And they do that intentionaly when ever you have chance to promote and get tokens. Thiefs and scum.
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    When you go to the page for making some substitutions in an association game , the icons for each player positions are doubled on the screen.
    For example If a player can play AML AMC AMR positions the game shows that (AML AMC AMR AML AMC AMR).
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