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Thread: Manager wanted - but this hiring message is different! :)

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    Lightbulb Manager wanted - but this hiring message is different! :)

    Hi everyone,

    there are many many messages from associations looking for new, great and active managers here at the forum. This post is similar ... but also completely different.

    We do have an association, currently we are Gold1. I founded the association the first day this functionality has been launch - because I love this game and want to use every feature it offers At this very beginning, I found 5 managers, some of them great, some of them good, and we started to win and promote.

    Since that time, many things have changed, but one basic thing has remained and will NEVER change. At this very beginning I clearly stated our goal: to get to platinum and to stay there. And this clear goal is something which has not changed and which we will achieve, no doubts.

    At Gold1 level, it is no longer enought to _have_ a good team and think it will keep winning. The point is that this is exactly the way it worked in the past - when we were Bronze or Silver, having a good and prepared teams was enough to win and promote: you did not need to do more, you did not need to maintaint the tactics, work with formations, react during the game etc. etc.

    Now this is not enough anymore. Many managers have understood and changed their approach, some have not. Managers who have not need to be replaced, after many many warnings and chances given. And that is what we are doing right now.

    So: maybe you are a dedicated manager who loves the game, who wants to win every match, who wants to be succesfull, who wants to learn more every day, who wants to discuss the tactics, who wants to get the newest know-how and to share his.

    Maybe you currently play in association, but maybe you are not 100% convinced its members are 100% dedicated. Maybe you do not see the focus or dedication of your captain or co-captain. Maybe you are not sure how the future will look like. Maybe you can imagine a different approach, maybe you would expect a different approach, maybe you ask your teammates to show a different approach - and you do not see any change. Maybe you start beeing frustrated. Maybe you just do not trust the future.

    Then - take a decision, quit your current unsatisfactory job, and join us. I can guarantee that with us, you __will__ get to Platinum. Because we will not stop working, being active, change things, improve, learn, discuss, communicate, search - as I am doing right now - until we finally get there. And we will.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions. Or come and take a look - Night Attackers, #L2PNXY (we play our home games at 11PM GMT+1). But if you want to feel the difference, you need to apply and join us. Do it!

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    I wish you the best of luck!
    It wasn't our day.

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    Night Attackers

    Very nice.

    I mean your team. Strong team.
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    Too bad gmt 11 +1 doesnt suits me. Btw, u write what I feel
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