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Thread: No 5-stars players in tranfers

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    No 5-stars players in tranfers

    in this season I NEVER find 5-stars players to buy in transfers... only and only 4-stars (just few) and 3-stars (many) players. I can check 50 times in a day, but nothing changes!!
    So I cannot make my team stronger, and I'm playing a 12th level tournament against 13th level teams (I don't know why).. so it's logic, I'm the last in ranking and I won't pass to 13th level, I won't play next champions league etc....
    I opened a ticket to Nordeus support but I received only pre-formatted replies (you have to login and logout several times etc.. etc..)

    Someone has valid suggestions? I'm annoying and I think I'll abandone the game soon.
    I attach two screenshot as examples

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails No 5-stars players in tranfers-12_40_18_feb_2014.jpg   No 5-stars players in tranfers-11_30_24_feb_2014.jpg  

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    You would seem to be in the new Market they are testing.

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