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Thread: anyone can explain me, this!

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    Angry anyone can explain me, this!

    hi, sory for my english but im from argentina, and i speak a litle english.

    i have this problem with my team. y play the match of the cup (green cup). and tie the both match 1-1.

    and i have this problem:

    and the other site said this:

    and them, the team who pass to the next stage is the other (ARDIT FC)

    please explain this admin!

    P/D: and the penalty`s? if we tie 2-2, we must go to the penalty to finish the match. but there wasnt penalty.

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    "E" means extra time, so he won by having 2 away goals, but you only had one away goal. This is correct, it balances the advantage the supposed "stronger" team has by being away first and home second.
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