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Thread: HELP Wanted! Serious Issue!

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    Is there someone looking at this issue? I'm still at level 1!
    Please reply with a resolution.

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    Guys if you are still having issues with this please send a report to
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Harrison View Post
    Guys if you are still having issues with this please send a report to Nordeus Support
    I think it is rubbish that you have changed this. As with other people posting, I changed my team after about 12 levels or so. I started again and have been building a team up. my manager level kept increasing which was great as I felt like I was still competing in a way with my friends as I was still increasing my manager level at the same rate even though I was building a new team.

    Since the end of last year I have seen my friends that never changed teams continue to rise where I have fallen down the ranks, despite have had my team promoted each season. so now not only can I not compete in matches against them, I can't compete against them in the case of management level.

    It's your game and you can do what you want with it, I just don't see how this change has improved anything? You have taken away an element of competition from the game and replaced it with nothing? If I had know that this was going to happen I would have never started a new team. I can't see any logic in what you have done with this. You might as well just say if you want to start again you can, but everything you have done in the past will be wiped.

    PS the description when you hover over the managers title still shows that you gain a level each time you get a promotion. You need to change this as its no longer true.

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