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    Red card + substition bug

    So today i got a red card after 2 mins on 1 of my attackers. Then another at 15 on a defender. Okey this is a far stretch and kinda unrealistic like hell but okey. I'll Swallow this for now. But it got alot better. I could not substitute players either with 0 swaps made so far. Okey i'm beating my opponent 1-5 with 11 vs 9. Again highly unrealistic but at this point i dont care too be honest. Because i also get a injury. Thankfully the game atleast autoswaps in a player. Meanwhile i'm logging my android client. I'm doing my fb computer loggin and can't do a change at all. I could not change formation. Tac. Player swaps. Nothing worked. So i suggest you get your butts on the job and fix it before more people experience this crap and looses from it

    Adding all my players where at very good or above moral. I had the 10% bonus rolling and all players at 99% except 1 at 96%. Takling at normal like in all my games. So why suddenly they where going in for red cards like i usually never get due too my playstyle is someting for the random generator and devs to figure out too.

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    I had the same thing just happen to me in the cup final. Red card and then cannot make a substitution. Great way to lose the cup because you cannot take out the players who were not performing well enough and try and get something going.

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    Hi Managers,

    You're right, there's a bug in substitutions -which will be fixed over the upcoming updates-. For now, try not to press the Cancel button when making a substitution, as the bug tags the substitution as if it had been really done (when it's not) so preventing you to do further substitutions or to change a specific player.

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    Moi, is anything being done about the inability to change the team when a to-be-subbed player is sent off, as in this thread:
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