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    i have heard that by bidding also token increases..? if you have to up the price...?

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    Many issues after the International Cup update.

    In these days there are very few videos for the rests; Nordeus has introduced international Cup, has changed system training, so we need more rests, instead we have no ads.
    I have noticed frequent connection errors, also during the matches; when I decide to make a sub, often pass 20 minutes in the game to see her.

    Today and yesterday, during a match, at the end of the first half the game kicked me out of the live, because the match was finished ?!?!?!?! I could not follow the entire second half.

    As already written of someone, every update increases bugs; old bugs are still not fixed and there are new ones. Troll results are increased, game engine penalizes more who follows the match that absent managers.

    Today a new bug, I can't tank my supporters.

    This game is getting unstable

    My question is: Do I still have to invest my time in something that gets worse day by day?
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    Yup I can agree on troll results. I take care of my team on a daily basis and I've only won 1 game in my League this season, as if I had abandoned my team. Never in my 5 years of playing this game have I felt like the time invested was absolutely useless. Teams I should easily win against smack me 3-0 with 0 reason at all. Is there something we're not aware of? Players with high stats not performing?

    NORDEUS just proving more and more that they're just a scam company. Years before they used to partner with companies that would scam players out of their money against tokens, that they'd never receive. When you'd open a ticket on the subject, NORDEUS said they couldn't do anything about it, "big whoops and thanks for the cash!".

    Tbh, the more patches the games gets the worse it becomes. You're giving us new aesthetics that make the game confusing on the user side and you bring a truckload of bugs to go with it. You're so incompetent it's baffling. The game used to be much more simpler before and so much closer to actual football. It hurts to see this game go the direction is going. You deserve to have your game boycotted and NORDEUS go bankrupt. Listen to your players and stop being greedy ****s.
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    My experience when submitting tickets hasn't been to bad. They have responded promptly and politely. However they also seem to lack common sense. For example one time I had a 3-1 association win buy nordeus screwed up and their database had the result as a 0-0 draw and they didn't award me any points for the match, not even 1 point for the draw in their database.

    My big concern currently with the game expands beyond the game. If nordeus can't properly handle game development, can they properly secure my PII (Personal Identifiable Information)? I can only assume if they are defecient in one area, they are deficient in others. So can hackers easily access my credit/debit card #, e-mail address, password? This stuff can place gamers in serious danger online and considering how badly bugged this game is, i have serious doubts nordeus is capable of protecting our personal information.
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