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    Quote Originally Posted by Jose fossati View Post
    You guys are good to talk .... and write all beautiful words!
    But the real deal is that If I can’t do my job it’s my fault!
    If you enter at my shop and I don’t do my job, you can and should complain....
    I call that professional, commitment, about my guests!
    I can see where you are coming from, what you said indeed makes perfect sense, however, in opinion, to solve a bug in this industry “gaming, the fix is more technical so it will take longer than in some other professions, of course, you have the right to complain, but don’t over do it, because it is considered spamming if you do it in other threads that is not about the topic you are currently talking about.

    You could have sent them PM’s rather than start a thread about it, but it was your choice .

    Hopefully you get a fix soon.

    Have a good day .

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    Apr 2020
    Exactly and Yes, its my choice!
    I’ve send pms first and no answer back.
    Also it’s my choice to post what I want ....
    You guys consider spamm or whatever. Block Me if you prefer I adjust don’t care anymore .
    Got other games to spend time
    And money!
    I’m not following your pages anymore.
    Take the time you need to fix .
    Thanks for nothing

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    game out

    I can't use sence last atualizacion.

    please help since 14 o'clock.
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