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Thread: RULES - Top Eleven Items Market

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    RULES - Top Eleven Items Market

    This is a Items dedicated Subforum.
    You can open a new post including a whole collection of items, that can belong to a Tour, Event, particular Year etc

    The starting planning is to keep in this place;
    - a basic thread for Rules/Informative -this one-
    - a Specific Thread to offer/search for emblems
    - a Specific Thread to offer/search for jerseys

    The different collections can be organized per threads, and there could be a particular Thread to ask for Items and Suggest own Designs, as to share fan art.

    Regarding the RULES when Trading/exchanging Items etc , the Support Available Form Link to report a posible scammer, and the different security advices can be found HERE

    *Remember that you can't ask/offer for money when trading items.

    **Remember that any attempt of not honor the exchange deal/agreement with another manager with the "conceptual Idea of steal an Item" will turn into an account straight ban.

    ***Multi Exchanges should be clearly explained, meaning that if more than 2 managers are willing to do a multi deal, each part should explain clearly what he is offering and searching for, and "who sends whom" the items.
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