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Thread: counter attack tool database

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    Jul 2013
    Hello everybody. After I received a mail from a user, I started to work on the counter db again. Since now I just made minor improvements:

    To keep the dataload smaller I changed the following:
    - mirrored tactics were added. So you rate/comment/add counter attack for the current and also for the mirrored tactic. Due to that, some quick links may not work anymore (e.g. tactic 17 is mirror of tactic 13, the new quick links will be id=13 and id=13&mirrored instead of id=13 and id=17)
    I hope we get more ratings and comments this way.
    - tactics with no entered counter tactic will be removed. So if is possible that you will not find a tactic you entered via quick link and you have to enter it again (when a counter tactic exists, it will be kept in the db)
    -other cleaning functions

    page design,
    smaller ID numbers (currently at about 7000 but much less formations)
    arrow settings

    If you find any errors (especially due to the mirroring, I hope everything works fine), please write them down here: A link to a screenshot would be nice, too.

    edit: it would be nice if you share the main link or a quick link when discussing a tactic in the national forums/facebook etc. This would help to improve accuracy of the ratings/amount of data I think. After my upcoming exams I will update the data. But I hope we can collect much data until then. Otherwise it would be waste of time to improve it
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    no, he left the forum and probably the game too.
    oops, wrong guess
    so you 're still active
    Καλώς ήρθατε στο Ελληνικό φόρουμ

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    Welcome back and hope this will be a success. Please do share your code as well if you dont mind incase you lose interest in the game.

    Very glad this is up again !

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    I face some kind of problem in that database recently, whenever I click field to position a player (exam: dl/dc) it automatically try to open a new web page or tab on my browser and my anti-virus software warn me

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    Can you put a counter to the rating (star), how many rates this have? Because, if we see a rating of 4,5, we don't know, what base this founded.
    It can be 2 - 1x 5, 1x4
    But it also can be 1000 - 800x 5, 100x 4, 100x 1

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    Did he share the code with you? Anyone developing it still?

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    Still in development?
    I found a error, can´t put DL-ML-AML in a formation but it´s possible in the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Belcegor View Post
    Still in development?
    I found a error, can´t put DL-ML-AML in a formation but it´s possible in the game.
    This thread is outdated, so we'll close the thread and if we have news about the tool, we always can open it again


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