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Thread: Please help me improve my tactic 4-3-3

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    Lightbulb Please help me improve my tactic 4-3-3

    Hi guys,

    I have a question, i just started the game and need to get the hang of it. My average star rating is **** 24.

    I have now a team with 7 defenders, 6 centers and 6 strikers and 2 GK

    GK OF= offensive
    I play DL DC X DC DR
    MC MC MC
    ST ST ST

    Team mentality: Most offensive
    Passing : Threw the middle
    Way of presure: On own half
    Tackling: Normal
    Way of passing: Long balls
    Cover: In Zones

    Force to counter = No
    Play ofside = No

    Please help me many thanks!!!!!!!!!!

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    its best to barely have a team, i see far less injuries compared to others. ive learnt from that experience
    hard attacking is very taxing on stamina. if you have consecutive games, set it to hard defending, especially if youre not watching
    passing should always be set to mix, IRL if you use 'through the middle' itd be right, but yeah, this is top eleven. passing style too
    counters should always be ticked. i havent seen offside to be of any use TBH

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    4-3n-3 is played like this
    through the middle
    mixed or short passing (mixed preferably)
    own half
    hard/normal tackling (normal if opponent is 5 or more qualities worse than you)
    no counter and no offside
    RED arrows on all 3 STs and if you want more attack, put a red arrow on the middle MC.