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Thread: Formation tips

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    Formation tips

    A lot of my AMC/MC players ended up retiring this season,so I have to make a formation out of what I already have. What do you guys think about

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    its based from the 4-4-2, but a bit defensive. so its good. i still think the 4-4-2 is still overpowered
    get the reds off the CFs and blues off the SBs
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    I would use blue arrow on DMC (to help cover the hole in the middle of the backline) , red arrows on the ML & MR (to give you psuedo AML & AMR) . No other arrows or need for them. Might be a little weak on possession with only 2 players at midfield but should be a good formation for hard defending plus counterattack. (That is, if formations and tactics mean anything at all in this game)
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    I prefer 4-1-4-1 if your striker works well alone.

    2 MCs is quite balanced, it's better than one, and it holds out against 3MCs formations.

    It is a defensive formation so your wingers/ST should have excellent acceleration.
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