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Thread: Help needed!

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    Help needed!

    Hi guys!

    I got my rear handed to me in the last FA match-up we had. That can happen I recon, but I am very surprised about the Possession Stats in this game.

    I had 112% vs opponents 114%.

    This is how we matched up (I am to the right):
    Help needed!-tung-dag-i-fa.jpg

    I used Normal and Passing Through the middle. I used short passing a lot, but experimented a bit too with mixed passing. No force Counter-attacks. Low pressure. The opponent obviously used going down the left flank (my right).

    In first game, the opponent had 1% Possession Bonus from Crowd/Fans and in the second game I had 7% Possession Bonus from Crowd/Fans. In both games I used the Possession Bonus 50% booster to give me 15% possession Bonus (first time in first game I used attack, but changed after that).

    Help needed!-tung-dag-i-fa2.jpg

    Help needed!-tung-dag-i-fa3.jpg

    In the 1st leg I got a red card but it was in the 85th, so it didn't have a major effect.

    Anyway, given that I had 3 MCs vs ZERO on the opponent and overall was 3 on 2 (a AMC and a DMC) at center field, and that I had 15% possession bonus using the booster, I expected to dominate possession. But I didn't, not even remotely. The formation this account use almost never loose the possession bonus. I have been hurt by opponents really going hard after my Right Flank, but never in terms of possession.

    Instantly after the first game, I thought, I am facing an opponent that must have a Possession Bonus from Association members that is like 10+4+4+4+4+4=30% which goes to 45% with the Booster. Or like something insane like that. First 30 minutes of that game was 70/30 in possession.

    But, what do you guys think, could there be another explanation for this? Am I missing something? Any input is appreciated!
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    well, both you played with unusual formations lol
    Those DMs and AMs are also count as midfield players so it's not 0 players there.
    Also we don't know if he had any arrows (red for the DMs or blues to AMs).
    If I could see that ball possession, I would switch to defense/counters, maybe long pass, maybe man to man marking.
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    I would suspect stacked bonuses as well.

    Also, out of curiousity did your opponent power-train her passing and dribbling stats? I'm not sure what impact this has on possession stats, but i'm assuming it would boost it.
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    If this is Associations match I would´t bother too much about it as the games are all fixed in a way…that´s why I stopped playing it as there were too many stupid results .. just my opinion though
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    Result how?

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