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Thread: Few questions about player movement in game

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    Few questions about player movement in game

    1. How to make aml/amr cut inside (especially i have right footed players in position) instead of crossing fail passes to st?
    2. What back arrow means for defenders? Do center backs becomes sweepers or they stay back no matter what? What about dl/dr? What they are doing when i put down arrow on (coz i see no difference with or without).
    3. I play with 4-3-3 holding (4-5-1v i mean ) and i noticed that my centre backs playing bad. And this is not only in this season. I dont know how to make them to be better in their position.
    And about force counter attacks. When this option looks like old and somehow dull isn't it better to make counter mentality instead of ticking to force counter attack ?

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    1. Don't pay much attention to the simulation. It helps to understand some enemy's orders, but animation is just cartoons.
    2. It helps to prevent counter-attacks.
    3. Change him. There is a hidden parameter for every player that affect his performance. I'm not talking about Quality here. If his performance is bad from match to match, there is nothing you can do except to get rid of him.
    4. Old and dull? What does that mean? Look, you are playing videogame here. It's all about formulas and triggers. There is an option to force counter-attack that affects the gameplay. You can't get the same effect using other orders. If it's off, it's off.
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    Definitely you can get quick break or "ricochet" passing counterattack animations/ goals with the Forced Counterattack option turned off. But yeah, explanations and understanding is very low.
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    1. Aml/amr in the game never cut inside. At most he just cross or long shot.
    2. Nobody knows for certain. Perhaps not even TE themselves or they aren't telling.
    3. If you are winning games, its natural for your center backs to have the lowest rating among your players bar except a few games. If you are losing more then its time to change them.
    4. Nobody knows for certain. Perhaps not even TE themselves or they aren't telling.