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Thread: Need help plz

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    Need help plz

    I use this tactic Need help plz-tactic.jpg OFENSIVE, MIX, IN ALL CAMP, SHORT PASS, ZONAL AND OUTSIDE.

    I lose all match in cup and only have one Win and one Draw in 5 matches in league. Need suggestion to change tactic and win match

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    Not bad. Btw you should change your formation depends to your opponent. And also hve full stamina and moral.

    Congratulation Arsenal!!
    Hope these thread could help you, Formation-Tactic and GUIDE

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    Indeed your condition and moral has to be full.
    And indeed again it depends on your opponent's formation.

    4-4-2 (sometimes 4-4-1-1) works fine for me.
    Hard attacking, down both flanks, whole pitch, hard, short, zonal, play offside trap.
    All condition and moral full or for 80-90%.
    As I said this works fine for ME.

    But I hope you can fix this problem, I wish you good luck


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    your problem is you use same medication to treat different illness, so counter others formation is a must
    4-1-4-1 and 451V and the mix of both is my best formation, but only use it in 40% of times
    and to do 4141 .. i play my wingers some times as AMR or MR and see how possession work
    your arrows are wrong
    winger, ST, Fullbacks, DMC should all be red, to have more players in mid or attacking to balance this defensive formation
    make DMC blue only if u play stronger side or want to keep result
    never put blue arrow on my CB unless opposition are so strong and sure not both of them, bcz game engine make them go up at times and score goals
    then your orders are wrong.. this is a defensive formation , short pass is wrong .. by time your player go up other team have gone back and protected their zone
    here is what i do, i go with counter, Long, both flanks, no offside, zonal, defensive away and possibly normal at home as opposite team will sit back more, and 4141 suddenly become less effective, i normally change formations to more attacking one.. but played same defensive 4141 mentality with counter at home and win many games too , but if you must win, try another formation at home, 4141 is best suited for away games
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