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Thread: Training and Counter-Formation Tutorial

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    Training and Counter-Formation Tutorial

    Good day gamers,
    My team is from 28 seasons.I've read a lot of posts here.I like the thread of July Fourth about counter-formations and I'd like to share my experience here.Before write anything,I want to apologize of him to dublicate almost similar post.His tactics,estimates and view of the game are true,but I'd like to share my personal vision in different thread,with some small differences.I'd like to point I will not make corrects of anybody,just my style is maybe little bit different.If anybody wants to add his views,welcome....So I begin.

    1. Training :
    -> There are lot of threads for training but I want to share my style.The training of every single position is very important.The experience show me when Im lazy and just click on Auto-Training,after 1-2 weeks I see bad results.First I thought it's coincidence,but my favourite thing(to be lazy) helped me to understand that you must NOT underestimate the little things in the game.When you train some of your players with attack or physical,dont forget about defence...Be careful.It must be always a little balance of training points.My basic conclusions are :
    GK - training attack is unnecessary,but dont forget about it.Defense and Physical are more important.But again-dont forget for balancing.For an example - 124 defence,118 attack,124 physical.
    DL/DR - It's very important how you use your wingbacks.As defensive backs,or with red look like DML/DMR...Make balance betwen defense and physical.The most useful qualities of wingbacks are marking and tackling(defense) and speed(physical).Of course dont underestimate other qualities cuz wingbacks are very importang for passes and beginning counter-attacks.It's your oppinion how you want to develop your wingbacks.My suggestions - well balanced.Example - 121 defense,120 attack,121 physical.
    DC - I had many DC's with different developing.Some of my central defenders were well balanced,some of them were with little differences of developing points(121,120,121).I think it's more important to leave attacking styles and concentrate defense and physical.For an example: If we compare two DC's who are both 100 quality,who will be better.Albiol(102 defense,96 attack,102 physical) vs. Pepe(100 defense,100 attack,100 physical).I'll bet for Albiol!
    DMC - Well balanced.
    MC - Well balanced.Of course you can make some improvisations.If you use 2 MC's in the game,one of them can be with red arrows,the other with blue arrows.So you can develop them different.Physical is very important.You can try to disbalance the midfielders with more points for physical.But if you do that,you must have AML/AMC/AMR or player with special ability PlayMaker.
    AML/AMR - The attacking wings must have more points of quality for attacking and physical.Speed is very important if you play with counter-attacks.Concentrate developing attacking and physical but dont forget defending at all.Tackling,positioning,marking and handling are important skills for every player but for this position not at all.For an example: If you have two AML's who are both 100 quality,who you'll pick in your match-Ronaldo(96,102,102) vs. Bale(98,101,101)....I'll pick Ronaldo.Before 4-5 seasons I used player who were 90 defense,105 attacking and 105 defensing.So the average points for speed is 105.If this player who is 100 quality is interfering with defender with the same quality,the defender's average points for speed will be 100...The conclusion is : you have more faster wings than the wingbacks from the other team.Hopefully understand me.
    AMC - Well balanced with some priority for attacking and physical.
    ST - Dont make the mistake to develop your striker only for attacking and physical.Heading,positioning,tacking and handling are very useful skills for every striker.Of course,attacking and physical are with priority,but dont forget defending skills.

    2. Tactics

    There are a lot of tactics which are known for anyone.There are two types of making tactic.Regular tactic that you use without changing it.Of course you can have 2-3 favourite formations and change them independence of your opponent's tactic.
    To counter-tactics always use zonal marking.I tried couple of times individual marking and I dont like it.
    There are some regularity that you must observe everytime when you play:
    1. If you dont have DMC,try pressing in whole pitch.If you have DMC/DML/DMR,press your opponent in your own pitch.In another case,you will allow goals from counter-attacks from a weaker opponent than you.
    2. Never use red arrow on your DMC.In many threads I've read that a lot of players use red arrows on their DMC's in 4-5-1 V style formation.This is big mistake.Counter-attacks with strong AMC will allow you to lose very easy.I tried it many times for almost 3 years and I didnt see positive effect.
    3. Never use red arrows on your DC's
    4. Red arrows for DL/DR/DML/DMR/ML/MR/AML/AMR are recommend but not obligatory.Even you dont use attacking down both flanks...
    5. Red arrows and blue arrows for MC's are not too important.It depends what mentality you use but my oppinion and my view shows it's not important.
    6. Red arrow for AMC is recommended but not obligatory
    7. Red arrows on your Striker is doesn't play any role.
    8. Attacking thru the middle is not so effective even your tactic is 4-1-2-1-2 narrow diamond.Focus your passes mixed.
    9. Try Long passes - Get loose and get lost! Dont like it and dont use it.In any case you want to use it,it's good for defending style with counter-attacks.
    10. Short passes - For any case,mixed passes are better than any type of passes.But if you choose to use short passes,it'more effective when you have AMC.The point is : if you have three lines of attacking(MC,AMC,ST for an example),then you can use short passes.
    11. Offside traps and counter-attacks - I'll be honest with you.I tried with offside traps and no offside traps hunderds of time...There is no difference!For any case the rule is that : dont use offside traps against stronger opponent or faster wings cuz you'll get goal easily than you think.Counter-attacks is strong recommend for defensive or normal mentality.But the other bug thing in this game is that I use counter-attack even when I play attacking and there is no difference.
    12. Tackling : recomended normal.Never use easy tackling style excepts you're playing friendly match.I dont use hard tackling often but it's good against stronger opponents.But in this case watch out-if the stronger opponent has strong player free-kick specailist,be careful...My suggest:normal tackling forever and ever.
    13. Captain : Use more older and more stronger player.Even that Im not sure is there some meaning of this...
    These are some of the main rules,if someone wants to add something that I missed,share with me.I'll be glad to add it here.

    COUNTER-FORMATIONS : Now I'll teach you how to counter formations.There are some rules that you must always keep them,unless you want to risk to loose from weaker team.
    1. If you want to counter formations,play with zonal marking.Your purpose is to stop his attack and fill the holes that your opponent missed.Next paragraph are for an example:
    2. Your opponent has AMC.It's strong recommend to use DMC.In different case,his AMC will score at least one goal.Never use red or blue arrows on your DMC.
    3. Your opponent has AML/AMR.Dont use DML/DMR,unless are faster than his wings.In another case,his wings will outrun your wingbacks.Use DL and DR.
    4. Never use one DC if your opponent use two or more strikers.It will be autogoal for you.My oppinion is : never use only one DC in every each situation,nevertheless how many strikers your opponent use.
    5. Dont let your opponent has more midfielders (ML,MC,DMC,MR) than you.For an example:Your opponent plays 3-5-2.If you play with 4-1-3-2 wide formation with ML,one MC,MR,you'll lose ball possesion cuz his dominance of the midfield.Look...If you use 4-5-1 V style formation,you have good center,you have wings and he doesn't have wingbacks.
    6. I prefer to play with AML/AMR,not with AMC.But If my opponent doesn't have DMC,I'll put AMC for sure.
    7. Stopping AML/AMR.It depends how much strong they are.Sometimes only DL and DR are helping.But if he has more faster wings than your wingbacks,use two DMC's with zonal marking with any arrows.

    So there are some examples of counter-formations :
    4-4-2 : This formation is better for attacking down both flanks.He doesn't have AMC,neither DMC,neither AML/AMR.Maybe the easiest tactic for counter.Sooo...Dont use DMC,there is no sense cuz he doesn't have AMC.But for any case you must use AMC,cuz he doesn't have DMC.I'd like to counter it with 4-4-1-1.Tree pyramide 4-3-2-1 is effective too...But it's not the best tactic against 4-4-2.Every day Im reading that people suggest the Tree Pyramide against 4-4-2.In my oppinion : Tree pyramide is weak tactic with weak ball possession.If the opponent has blue arrows on his two MC's,everything goes to hell.Like me before 2-3 seasons : I used tree pyramide against 4-4-2 cuz I've read it here and I loose with 0:4 from weaker opponent.I'll never use this tactic again.Think about it...If the opponent is watching his match on live and move his ST as AMC,his tactic will be 4-4-1-1...If he put blue arrows on his MC's and use zonal marking he'll counter your attack and easily score at least two goals from his AMC cuz you dont have DMC.4-5-1 V style formation is very effective to counter 4-4-2 too.
    4-4-1-1 - One of my favourite tactics.I use it only if my opponent doesn't have AMC.It's very effective against opponents without DMC/AMC.Mixed passes with red arrows on DL/DR/ML/MR and maybe your AMC... But the question is how to counter it.Think about it.This formation is good but there is no must have DMC cuz his AMC,and AMC cuz he doesn't have DMC.You must stop his wings with DL/DR/DML/DMR.This is the only two things that you must do to win.Choose your tactic without help.Narrow Diamond 4-1-2-1-2 will help.But it's knife with two blades,cuz 4-4-1 is good flanging tactic,so dont use red arrows on your DL/DR.The best tactic against 4-4-1-1 is:
    3 DC's.He doesn't have a chanse with one Striker.Use DML and DMR to stop his ML and MR.Use DMC to stop his AMC.Use 2 MC's and AMC with one Striker.3-3-2-1-1.This tactic is defensive or normal mentality.You can try 4-5-1 V style formation too.It's effective too.
    4-1-3-2 Wide - This tactic is using attacking down both flanks.Your opponent has only one MC and one DMC,so you can beat him with 4-4-1-1 or 4-3-2-1 using AML and AMR.Your purpose in that case is to win the ball possession.4-5-1 V style formation is effective here again.
    4-1-3N-2 - This tactic has strong center.Your purpose is do not allow him to beat your center and win the ball possesion...and attack him from the flanks.It's not necessary to explain why,it's just logical... In first place I thought 4-5-1 V style formation is effective here,but it's not.I tried it many times and I failed.This formation is very good to counter with 3-2-2-2-1 Butterfly.
    3-2-2-2-1 it's butterfly but I call it spider.3 DC's,DML and DMR with red arrows,two MC's,AML and AMR,one ST.This tactic is with strong defensive,good at attacking from the wings and stable in the to counter it.He has no DL and DR,you can use fast AML and AMR to overrun his DML and DMR.Two MC's at least.His AML and AMR you'll stop with good DL and DR.If you use 2 DMC's,they will defend zonal and he'll score very hard against you.So... 4-2-3-1(AML/AMC/AMR).You can use 4-2-3-1 defensive tactic with counter attacks.I mean 2 DMC's,one MC,ML and MR.Defensive style with counter attacks from the flanks.4-2-2-2 defensive style with counter-attacks and mixed passes.I mean with two DMC's.4-3-1-2 is good tactic too.Use ML/MC/MR and AMC.In any case,the best tactic for counter 3-2-2-2-1 is 4-5-1 V style.I dont see so much logic but this I saw from my experience.
    4-5-1 V style - This is my favourite formation.Very strong and very hard to counter it,cuz this tactic is very plastic.You can use it for defense,for normal attacking,for attacking...With strong ball possession or effective counter-attacks.The red arrows and mentality are very important.I like to put red arrows only on DL and DR,however AML and AMR.Normal mentality down both flanks with counter-attacks.Look what small difference you can change and all mentality is changed.If you clear the arrows of AML and AMR,focus the passing mixed,and use short passes you'll gain ball possession but it's possible to loose effectiveness.It's good when you keep the result.It's like "tiki-taka" Barca style.For this mentality it's good to have PlayMaker.If you put red arrows on your MC's and AML and AMR,change the mentality to attacking and just dominate.Never use DMC with red arrow,like a lot of forum guys are talking. I tried and many times I failed.Another counter-tactic of V style is mapple leaf.There are two interesting tactics which are mapple leaf and the best is 3-2-2-2-1-(3 DC,2 DMC,2MC,AML,AMR,1 ST).I often play with 4-5-1 V style formation and I saw a lot of problems against 4-1-3N-2 and 4-3N-1-2... Reverse logic but fact.
    4-1-2-1-2 - Narrow Diamond - The best tactic for counter this formation is 4-5-1 V style.3-2-2-2-1 is effective too(DML,DMR,AML,AMR).The purpose is attacking from the flanks.
    4-2-2-2 - Attacking formation with two mc's,AML,AMR,2 ST.I won against this formation many times with 4-5-1 V style.I dont know why,there is no logic.Let's put some logic.His formation is from the flanks.He doesn't have neither DMC,neither AMC...Just two good wingbacks and one AMC and you counter him.Many tactics allow you to counter this formation.Narrow diamond is good too...4-4-1-1 is crushing.Every good tactic with DL,DR and AMC will counter this tactic,unless his team is much way stronger.

    These were just regular tactics,only for an example with explanation how to counter-attack different formations with improvisation.
    Hopefully helped!Any suggestions?
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    How u would counter a 3W-1-3W-2(AMC)-1?

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    Quote Originally Posted by royal lions View Post
    how u would counter a 3w-1-3w-2(amc)-1?
    4-5-1 v

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    Well done sdw!!! agree most of them. Red arrow on dmc caused problems for me too but blue arrow sometimes gives some efforts

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    please make it sticky in tutorial and guide section
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    Great thread man!
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    Welcome back sdw

    Congratulation Arsenal!!
    Hope these thread could help you, Formation-Tactic and GUIDE

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    what do u think to counter 5-4-1...??

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    You suggest 4-3-2-1 as an option to counter 4-4-2 standard, but I only have 1 AMC, so what about a 4-3-1-2, which would be just replacing the DMC in a 4-1-2-1-2 for another MC. (DL, DC, DC, DR, MC, MC, MC, AMC, ST, ST).
    I used 4-1-2-1-2 to counter this 4-2-2 in the cup against a 2pt lower team (23.9 vs 21.4) and got a 2-2 tie at home which is a pretty bad result for the second leg away. So that's why I'm looking for a smoother solution.

    So, in the end, would a 4-3-2-1 be better than 4-1-2-1-2? I think so since you suggest that there's no need for a DMC if he uses no AMC, and replacing it for another MC should strengthen the midfield where he is using 4 guys, so that would be just 1 down. What do you guys think?

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