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Thread: Bosnian Football Federation O.M.A.

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    Bosnian Football Federation O.M.A.

    Facebook Bosnian Football Federation O.M.A.

    Thread that belongs to the Bosnian Federation of Players Associated to the Official Managers Association, to manage the organization, structure administration,.and activities we plan.

    Planning 1,
    We need a census no? lol of Bosnian players, vote a President and, design a Emblem for the Federation. (maybe a couple of jerseys^^)

    to edit***

    maybe we will need a excel where to register and have a updated census....? well Im with it.

    Interim President:

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    Mehmed Hasić and Hazim Hadžiahmetović named President and Vicepresident of the Bosnian Football Federation since the 133rd Season, during the 133rd-136th period.

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    Bosnian Qualifications (season 135):

    Teams and managers in this qualifications:
    1). Mehmed Hasić #3D2TNT (MNK Kaskada)-133,7%
    2). Hazim Hadziahmetovic #GKVE07 (AC Milan BiH)-110%
    3.) Ervin Huremović #27D6MM (Majstori)-95%
    4). Ermin Maslesa #75WXC1(FC Sarajevo)-110%
    5.) Mahir Husicic #45YLPR (Maheeeeeee FC)-73%
    6.) Edin Smajić #1WV9LU (ブラジル)-75%
    7). Emir Duvnjak #75WXC1 (Arsenal FC)-117%
    8). Ajdo Emric #TW4SI2 (APOLLO GANG)-112,3%
    9). Muhamed Demirovic #7JE4E3 (Don Ali-Pašino)-129,5%
    10). Suljo Bećirovic #7VX4AB (FK ŽELJEZNIČAR)-121%
    11). Nermin Dedić #I2HU5R (manchester nicy)-118%
    12). Amar Aganovic #27D66M (Fk Sarajevo)-99%
    13). Aldin Perva #TW4SI2 (FC Koln)-120%