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Thread: A Message From the Trolls

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    A Message From the Trolls


    I have been asked to pass on a message from the 'troll folk' about the fact their good name is being constantly besmirched by users of this here forum.
    In case you're unaware, the T11 forum users have adopted the term 'troll result' to insinuate that the result was ugly/ridiculous/spectacularly unfair.
    Trolls are neither ridiculous, nor spectacularly unfair. They are quite ugly, though.
    The trolls would like to suggest the name 'ogre' to be the derogatory term that T11 forum users require.
    Ogres cannot read, nor use the internet, so they will not be offended.
    Trolls regularly use the internet, mostly to browse YouTube or get some large clothes from Jacamo. They might occasionally take advantage of some of the blu-ray offers on Amazon if they get some Xmas or birthday money.

    They hope to find some common ground with the T11 community in this matter. They would like to prove their fairness (the opposite of a troll result, you might say) by not hunting you all down and beating you with clubs.
    Plus, they're not entirely sure why you're all so high and mighty. Were any of you in Lord of the Rings? They think not!

    Kind regards,

    The Troll Folk

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    Thread moved to off topic.
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    U have got a point!!!

    A Message From the Trolls-cookie.jpg

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    Tell us ur opinion-

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