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Thread: Forum RISK GAME Thread -Rules and Weekly orders

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    Forum RISK GAME Thread -Rules and Weekly orders

    Here I am "gonna try" -cause I have many things in my mind- to explain the rules of the future game that I will try to run every weekend, just for fun in this forum.

    This finally will be related, to make my work easy, to the weekend contest I am running actually, which is about guess the scores of real matches.

    So as many of you know, I add a ticket with 3 matches and 3 chances to catch each score + now I added 2 extra options of yes-no.

    These options will be used to decide the result of the 1VS1 in this game.

    I will add rules for Initiative, too (A) Advantadge to undo draws, and limited and proportional amount of Regions that a Empire can win/attack from another conqueror.

    Oky, lets try to start copy pasting what I started:

    The map finally will be this, with 46 countries, easy for me to paint in a uniform way lol

    Malta will be the most little country, (Island south Italy)
    Chipre too will count and is the 3rdd more little country,and then theres Luxemburgo, too Kosovo and Montenegro there.

    Forum RISK GAME Thread -Rules and Weekly orders-guess-conquer-map.jpg

    -During the week, every Conqueror will write 3 posible options to be done -so announce 3 attacks-
    -Depending of the general situation and the rules, I will be who will determine the 1vs1, taking into account the different factors.

    **I edited here he thread and Ive added separately in the end all my ideas, but, for the 1st edition I will try to choose rules to make it more quick, so this will be 1 edition with 1 winner.

    1- All participants will start using 1 country, wich will be consideered as one "Empire".

    2- In Risk the 1st throw is to know what player starts and have the 1st turn. As here we will play only 1 time on weekends, we can not do 1 turn per week, so, the 1/2 of the players with better INITIATIVE, will have advantadge deciding it's movements in the 1st week of attacks and (A) advantadge too to undo a posible draw in the 1vs1.
    Initiative will be won by guessing well wekend results -so weekly I will give points for this in some way, that will determine, -in the case in what a country is not involved in a war- who starts the attack with (A).

    3- As said, during the week, 3 posible attack options should be declared. If 2 Empires are involved in a war, they should finish 1st the 1vs 1 declaring a winner.

    4- Attacks can be, land attacks:
    In what you can attack Empires next to your region or group of countries, so you can jump 1 frontier for each one of the regions that are part of a group of countries conquered by you:

    So to explain easy:
    One single country, can only declare attacks to the neighbours.
    if are x2 countries (one next to the other) then, you can jump x2 frontiers, and attack the neighbour of your neighbour. yea?
    if 3 countries together, you can attack a empire 3 frontiers from there... etc

    If you jump 2 frontiers from your empire to attack, this will be called a "Air Strike".

    5- For the Islands I will update the map and give to each country "it's own sea area". Then i will think if I allow to jump more than 1 area to do attacks.

    6- As has been mentioned, the attacks will not be decided using dices, we will use the weekend contest we are running here in the forum, that is about guess scores. There you have 3 matches and 3 options to guess the exact score + 2 extra options of yes no.
    Every option, count x1, so each one of these 5 options will have the same value.

    7- If when a 1vs1 starts a Empire have groups of countries separately and is loosing, the winner can choose as target the needed regions to be taken in the same direction from what the attack comes.

    8- A Empire that wins an attack can eat from another the same amount of countries that the place/group of countries from where the attack started or was announced. so if you have 3 countries in one group and 3 in another, you can only eat 3 regions from any of the 2 groups of regions.

    9- In the 1vs 1 always will exist a country with Advantadge (A) to undo the draws, Initially will be the attacker that due the weekly Ranking will have more Initiative. But one the 1vs1 war is started, if the defender wins the round will have the (A) in the next round to attack the country that attacked him. The (A) always will be lost if the defender defend it's zone. (a little bit of tennis here).

    10- In the case that we have odd number of empires, we can allow 2vs1 which will have some particular rules.


    How to play?
    -Every participant can choose any of the 46 countries of europe.

    We will, to determine who have more Initiative, start the game with 1 round of guessing the scores, and this will give points in different ways, so, the countries with more initiative will have priority to declare a attack.

    Then, the war can be, Vs a empty country -no owner due lack of participants- VS another participant, or can be a 2vs1 for a empty country too, or, a 2vs1 involving real players "if the total of Empires -participants is odd.

    -If you attack a Empty country in a 1vs1, you will need to catch 2 results in the guess the scores.
    -If 2 Countries are attacking 1 Empty, the best win this region and in the case of a draw the player with more Initiative will have Advantadge (A).

    -Then, in the 1vs1, there's a limit of Regions/Countries (that will be considered as parts of a Empire if a player conquer 2,3,4,5...countries)
    that can be conquered with a min. of 1, and a max. of the 50% of all the territoties that a Empire has conquered.

    -The original country of a participant "will be initially" the last country that in a 1vs1 can be conquered.

    So, once the Attack action vs another Country, is declared for a player with + Initiative, and this is accepted, a 1vs1 war starts, and have some ways to be finnished, or, to see the 1vs1 started for a country wiith initiative Countered.

    1 participant, with 1 country only can conquer 1 region.
    2, 1 region.
    3, 1 region
    4, 2 regions
    5, 2 regions
    6, 3 regions
    7, 3 regions
    8, 4 ""

    If the attacker that will have (A) to undo a posible draw wins, win the region. Then the 1vs1 war can continue if the winner is in the weekly Ranking of Initiative inside the half best countries. In the oposite case if countries with better Initiative declare the war vs him I will force a change and focus the war in another way.

    If the "defender" wins the round, and keep the region, the situation will be inverted and will have the right to reply the attack and have (A) advantadge without count the ranking of Initiative in this round. So in these cases I will give priority no to the 3 orders of each country, but I will consideer that the 1vs 1 still active and that there's as 1st option the right to reply.

    To be continued... LOL

    What countries can I attack?

    You can not attack any country you want in the map. You can jump, "from a group of countries you have" the same amount of frontiers, that this group of countries have.

    So, 1 country, means you can only attack one neighbour.

    To attack more far away, you need to declare a Air Strike, so, if, you want attack a neighbour of your neighbour, (so jump 2 frontiers, your +1) you will need conqueer a group of 2 countries that should be together to declare a air strike from there.

    So if You have for some reason France, and Ukraine + Belarus, you can not attack Portugal directly as is not France neighbour, but you can attack Bulgaria or Estonia cause are 2 frontiers from UKR+BEL.

    I will explain all during the war proceses so, dont worry cause all will be intuitive. xD

    added extra:
    I am thinking in add some rules to make it as pastime for the forum in a "almost eternal way" where every forumer can have the chance to be parto of the written history...

    I thought 1st too, in a way to don't eternize it, just add a target to win the game, that can be, conquer 11 countries...

    Then to eternize it and make it with no ending, give the chance to the conquered counries/fallen empires -conquered conquerors- to, start a revolution to recovery their initial country... having a starting disadvantadge of -1 guess well...
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    I was playing a while ago a game called Conquistador,4 players,the map of Romania with 41 counties,each player had to choose 1 county and then they had to answer general culture questions in order to conquer all the counties,it will be fun
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    Well, after meditate about it, I decided that I will do a 1st edition more fast, forcing the 1vs1 to be finished in favour of 1 side, and "eating" more regions in each attack as in the 1st suggestion.

    I added the extra ideas I had at the end of the post but the starting ones are what count.

    Today will be decided the Semifinals of the world cup and I plan to have the WC concluded for Friday - Saturday.

    Then I will try to start this so, if someone wants to reserve country, no problema.
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