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Thread: Guess and Conquer v.2

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    Guess and Conquer v.2

    Copy paste-lol

    Hmmm... I'm gonna start soon the VIIth edition of the World Cup, that will be hosted in Japan, but Im was thinking a lot in the idea to bring in the forum a game about conquer mixing football guesses as we do -too Ive been thinking and suggesting other stuffs but for now are a secret lol-

    So, I was thinking that my 1st suggestion was really a little bit complicated to do in the forum, cause is more like the old role games I did time ago.. those that needs dedication, hours and are complex...

    Then Ive been thinking that I will do a more simplified version of my idea and more easy to understand, (this of course for those who never played real role games where everyone have a paper with skills, and there are turns, and dice throws etc) so I'll give it a try:

    So I will do it easy, suggesting 3 countries per round to be conquered, and, as in the weekend contest, we will play guessing scores.
    In the place to hace "vertical options" but, so 1 option with 3 different matches, every match will represent the attack to 1 country, so you will have 3 chances to, put your "troops on the field".
    Everybody with a score guessed in any option will have the option to, in a 2nd and final round of attacks (unless we have only 1 winner all alone, then a 2nd round will not be needed) conquer the country, or stay there in the case of draw.

    I will do a table of points to determine who wins the war for each country. But probably will be something like sum +1 +2 or +3 if the score was catched in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place and who has low coefficient will win.

    So winning attacks, you will sum points.
    Winning the country, you will win points too.
    Every 2 rounds of attacks, so 6 counties taken, I will close the classification and determine a winner. (except the 1st and 2nd round, cause, I will explain it well, the round 1, will be for attacks to 3 places. Round 2, attacks in 3 more places and do the 2nd attack in the places where you have troops from the 1st round).

    I will go explaining all, step by step, still to determine the pointing system cause I can have a draw easy... but basically every 2 weeks we will restart the points from 0 and proclaim a winner of 30Tokens, thats the idea.

    Too, as Im thinking that in the future the game can have continuity once the map is conquered, and we can do it more flexible, with individual attacks and some extra ways to obtain points, I'll set a few key positions -titles- for a future use:

    -You will start as "founders of an empire", so your conquered territories will have the name of the Empire you represent.
    -You will have a name as emperor. Witha "I" of 1st after the name, my plan if that if this works for so long, once you lose all your lands, and you start again conquering lands then this will change to "II" representing your 2nd period as emperors.

    Key lands: -for now simple titles.- Bonus that initially -unless change- will give each land:
    (-rule to apply: these lands can not be attacked if a empire don't have at least x3 territories, despite you can defend these special lands if you conquered these even with -3 lends-)
    -Vatican City - This give you the Title as Pope
    Bonus: Defense bonus- you have all the scores with "2" taken as a 1st option to defend the Vatican and the scores with "5" to defend all other lands of the empire. (ex. to defend the Pope lol: 2-0,2-1,2-2, 1-2 5-2 etc directly taken like a 1st option).

    -Monaco - Give you the title as Prince of Monaco.
    Bonus: Defensive taking all the scores with "3" Only for Monaco territory.

    -San Marino - The oldest republic of the world I think that will give some extra points...
    Bonus: Defensive: all scores with "0" to defens San Marino, and with "6+" to defend any other territory

    -UK - King of the British Empire
    Defensive Bonus: all scores with 4 taken to defend all countries of the empire.

    -Germany - Title of "Sacrum Romanum Imperium" the Germanic Empire owns the Title as Roman Emperor or "Cesar", yeah mostly of the "Caesar" where from this country.
    Defensive Bonus: all scores with 3 taken to defend any territory.

    -Russia - "Czar of" (This word comes from Caesar, from the Romanian Emperor, same with words as "Kaiser" etc)
    Defensive Bonus for Russia, all 4+ scores taken.

    How to obtain a Atomic Bomb:
    -If during 3 Turns you catch 1 score at any match in 1st option.
    -How to use? -will allow you to attack the 50% of any empire in 1 single attack

    Hydrogen Bomb:
    -Unlocked catching during 5 rounds 1 score -any- in 1st option.
    -Allow you to attack entirely a empire in 1 single attack except 1 of it's countries.

    This is the editable map -so I can paint it uniformly lol- that will be used.
    Guess and Conquer v.2-europe-guess-conquer-2.jpg

    The idea is for now conquer the map, then we can, as said, to do this more complex, adding 1vs1, so each round will have 3 matches, each one for a different attack, and these 3 matches will be worth too for defensive actions if someone attack another emperor.

    In case that one player dont have a territory we will say that, technically "to conquer a land, a rebellion should be started" , once have success, technically you will have a empire.

    I'll keep explaining each step. 1st gonna go for the world cup lol

    Guess and Conquer v.2-guess-conquer-map-2-names.jpg
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    1st I'm very confuse right now lol
    2nd No Asia Territory (still confuse) lol
    3rd We need a special weapon, its RPG afterall (now you confuse, right?) lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pangihutan Manik View Post
    1st I'm very confuse right now lol
    2nd No Asia Territory (still confuse) lol
    3rd We need a special weapon, its RPG afterall (now you confuse, right?) lol
    Nope, Ive played role games of many kinds since almost my childhood (Ive for example the book of a classic game, "Vampire: dark age" , so no confusion, (with dices, character profiles etc) so I ve been thinking in to add nuclear wearpons and so, but first of all, we will start in "Normal mode" and once the entire map, is completed (this can last till april if I alternate 1 round of world cup and 1 of this game lol then I will do it a little bit complex, giving extra points to conquer specific countries, allowing 1vs1 attacks in each round with limits, like if you are the owner of France and you defend well vs Italy, Italy can not attack next turn/round and more things that after play 1 round, practically and with me explaining each point, will be understood. LOL

    So for now basically the idea is:

    we have this map to play. 51 countries, far enough.
    despite that have no asian, american etc countries (this would mean that I should do a map with at least 202 countries lol), you can represent any real empire you want.

    for now will be easy, like the weekly contest or the world cup one, 3 matches will determine the results of each turn.

    I will suggest every week 3 countries to be conquered, ex. (I will start for the little ones)

    -Malta, Feroe Islands, Andorra.
    Match 1, represent the attack to 1 country, ex. Malta: you will have 3 chances to catch a score (maybe 4, depend of the margin I give)
    Match 2, country 2, match 3 country 3.

    If you catch a score, and all those who catch a score in this 1st turn, will mean that put troops in this land, ex. 5 forumers, catch the 1st score in 1st, 2nd or 3rd option.

    Then these 5 managers will play 1 extra match in the next round (that will have again 3 countries for what to fight catching scores) and this 2nd round will determine who wins the country and the points for the conquer too (I still doing the system to determine this** rules lol)

    Too I will do, a pointing system, so if you catch scores, you will win points, thats why every 2 rounds, 6 countries suggested to be conquered, 30Tokens will be won for the manager with + points. and then the points will be restarted from 0.

    LOL yea I like the complex things...

    Then, about the future, (once the entire map is conquered) I will think about special rules... cause yea, I was thinking in the idea for example, to give extra points if, one have these special lands that give titles, but maybe I will not allow attack the Vatican if one player dont have at least 3 or 4 countries owned...
    If I want to simulate the attack of an atomic bomb I will have to think in some special rules, like multiple attacks allowed 1 turn, or so....

    But I think can be interesting, this will be more strategic really xD
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    Updated bonuses, or the idea of how these will work, once the map is completely conquered.

    I will, if this work, add some countries, like the Pole North, and I will create North ireland separated of England, so to have the bonus for the UK will be needed the 2 lands in a future.

    Then as now, and to gather more points in each period of 2 weeks, I'll do it like the world cup, that have 3 tickets or 4, so, inside every round of 14-15 days I will add 3 rounds of conquest, 3 tickets to conquer 3 countries initially.

    Still working in da pointing system, that will be a mix of scores guessed, and lands conquered.