Let me write the 4 ideas I had about this game and see if we can do a battleship game using football matches;

-We will do 8 teams of 2 managers
-Each team will represent a country
-We will play with AvQ Rules.

We will chose a Local team, that will have the first member Match home, and the 2nd member match playing away, then we will alternate, in the next 2 matches, so the first member will play now away, and the 2nd home.

Each complete round will consist in 2 matches, with both managers of an asso' playing a single match, in where we should have a winner under the 90', the ET or PK rounds.

So, then, the winner will have the chance to fire a missile.

As it is usual one the real game, each team will have a Table of 6x6 where to hidde 3 ships. Two ships of 3 slots and one of 5(aircraft carrier, let's call it xD) .
Wins the battle the first team to sunk the entire oppo's army.

In case of draw (after playing the 2 matches of 1 round, if we have a 1-1 that allow both teams to sunk the last ship in both cases), if both teams sunk the last ship in the same turn, we'll count who achieved more wins VS the oppo, then will have advantadge the firt team that destroyed the oppo's aircraft carrier, and as last criteria we'll use the GD differance.