Each player in Top Eleven has 15 attributes that are divided into 3 categories: Defence, Attack and Physical & Mental. All of these attributes contribute to the player's Quality.

There are 14 player positions a player can take on the pitch: GK, DL, DC, DR, DML, DMC, DMR, ML, MC, MR, AML, AMC, AMR and ST. A player can play on any position, but he will show his best performance only if he is playing on the position(s) he has trained for. Playing on a position the player does not prefer will decrease his quality by a certain amount, meaning your chances for winning the match will also be lower.

The Player information, detailing the player's attributes When you click on the player's name, you will see a screen which contains the following information on the player:

The player's quality, represented by a number and stars;
Available skill points;
Field roles which he can play;
Team name;
Market value;
Season wage;
Special ability (if available);
Offers for that player
Morale & Physical condition
Contract details
Season stats
Ways to gain players:

Scout list
Direct transfer offers
Veteran players in the beginning of the new season
Youth academy
Editing your playersEdit
The editing button right next to a player's name You are able to edit your players to your own wishes. Whether you would like to change the name, the nationality or the squad number, there is a function for that. To do this, click on the player you want to edit and then click on the pencil right next to a players name. After clicking on the pencil you will be able to edit your player.

Attributes represent the various abilities of your player and are used to determine that player's quality.

Defence determines the player's defensive attributes.

Tackling – Determines how well a player is capable of executing a successful tackle on an opponent without committing a foul or injury.
Marking – Determines how well a player can mark an opponent and how well he can use zonal marking.
Positioning – Determines how well a player positions himself to deal with attacking threats.
Heading – Determines how well a player is capable of heading the ball towards his target.
Handling – Determines how well a player is able to keep the ball when tackled.
Attack determines the player's offensive attributes.

Passing – Determines how accurately a player can pass the ball.
Dribbling – Determines how well a player can control the ball when running with it.
Crossing – Determines how well a player is capable of placing a well-aimed cross at the right time.
Shooting - Determines how well a player is capable of placing a strong, good shot.
Finishing – Determines how well a player is capable of reacting quickly and adapting to any offensive situation.
Physical & MentalEdit
Physical & Mental determine your player's supplemental attributes.

Fitness – Determines how hard your player can exert himself on the pitch.
Strength – Determines how well a player is able to exert his physical force onto an opponent in order to hold them off, win tackles and aerial balls, etc.
Aggression – Determines how much a player asserts himself on the pitch. Does not necessarily raise the chance of fouls or injuries.
Speed - Determines the player's speed on the pitch. A player moves faster without a ball than with it.
Creativity – Determines how many opportunities a player will find to use his other abilities.