Associations allow users to create groups of teams (4-6 members) to train and compete against other associations. It rewards the association member's with Health Packs bonuses after every association tournament and Tokens after the season end.

By being promoted or staying in a specific division, at the end of the season the members of the association are awarded with:

Bronze Division 2: 2 Tokens
Bronze Division 1: 4 Tokens
Silver Division 3: 7 Tokens
Silver Division 2: 10 Tokens
Silver Division 1: 15 Tokens
Gold Division 3: 20 Tokens
Gold Division 2: 30 Tokens
Gold Division 1: 50 Tokens
Platinum Division: 100 Tokens
Associations Bonus
When a tournament starts, Association members can give +4% team bonuses to one Member of the Association to help them perform better during the current tournament. Each member can give and receive one bonus for Semi-finals, which is reseted after Semi-finals end, and then another one for the Finals.

This +4% can be Attack, Defence, Possession and Condition, like in Training, and it will be added to the team's current bonus level on that area. Note that there's no limitation about how many bonuses you can get for the same area.

Each Manager can give and receive ONE +4% bonus (Attack, Defence, Possession and Condition) to ONE Manager per tournament round
Associations bonuses accumulate to the Manager's own Training bonuses, and there are no limits: you can go over 10%
Associations bonuses reset after each round, so after semi-finals Managers go back to their regular Training levels and can give and receive another +4% bonus in Attack, Defence, Possession and Condition for the finals


Every weekend, four associations take part in an association tournament.

Tournaments are generated on Thursday and they take place during weekends.
Your association needs to have a minimum of four members before tournaments are generated, otherwise you won't be able to take part in them that weekend.
The scheduled times can’t be changed because otherwise they would interfere with other matches.

Associations receive points when playing in a tournament as follows:
3 points for every match won by an association member
1 point for every match drawn by an association member
Additional points are also awarded according to the association’s finishing place in the tournament:

1st place: 50 points
2nd place: 25 points
3rd place: 10 points
The more points your association receives, the more likely you will be promoted to a higher division at the end of the season.

Tie break criteria: If two associations have the same number of points in the Semi-finals or Finals of a tournament, the first tie-break criteria will be the goals scored during the finals/3rd position playoff. If the tie persists, then the away goals scored during the finals/3rd position playoff define the final outcome. Other factors, like total goals in the tournament, total away goals in the tournament, fair play or overall FA points might apply if the tie still persists after that.