Tokens are a type of currency in Top Eleven which has a wide variety of uses. They represent your influence as a manager in the world of Top Eleven. They can be either purchased with real-world money, or earned in-game.

Tokens are used for the following:

Bidding on Auctions
Purchasing Players with Negotiations
Purchasing Players from the Scout List
Hiring a Personal Trainer
Speeding up Facility Construction
Purchasing items and Health Packs in the Club Shop
Rescheduling your match if you are the Home team
Changing your Player's details
Getting a Bank Loan for Cash

Tokens can be obtained in the game in several ways:

Purchasing them with real-world money
Signing a sponsor for TV Rights
Selling players through Negotiations
Completing partner offers from the "Win Tokens" tab
Participating in competitions on the official Top Eleven [Facebook] and [Twitter pages]