Health Packs

Health Packs are consumable resources used to help recover your team's morale and condition, as well as help them heal injuries faster.

Three types of packs are available in Top Eleven: rests, morale boosters and treatments. You can gain them by building appropriate facilities, by watching your own matches or by receiving gifts from friends.

Earning Health Packs
How to gain them by watching the games:

Winning a match (even if you didn't watch it) - 1 morale booster
Watching a Live Match - 1 morale booster
Winning with 5 or more goals difference - 1 morale booster (excluding friendlies)
Watching a live match and your team didn't receive any red or yellow cards - 1 treatment
Performing a substitution during the match - 1 rest
Keep in mind that you can also lose health packs:

Losing a match (regardless whether you watched the game) - 1 morale booster
Defeat with 5 or more goals difference - 1 morale booster (excluding friendlies)
You can also gain Health Packs as gifts from your friends on your friends list. There's a maximum of one Health Pack of each type every day.

As of an update on September 31, 2013 you can no longer gain morale boosters by dominating your opponent (winning with a goal difference of 5, as example 5 - 0 or 6 - 1), however you can also no longer lose morale boosters by losing with a goal difference of 5 (as example 0 - 5 or 1 - 6). Competition matches (League, Champions League and Cup) are excluded from this rule.

How Health Packs Work

Every rest improves your player condition by 15%. The lower your player's condition, the worse his performance is and the greater chance of injury.

Express Rest
Express rest allows all non-injured signed players to recover 5% of their condition (the same amount regular resting gives them every 3 hours). Injured players and players who would gain over 99% condition this way will have 99% condition instead.

The number of Rest boosters spent to activate Express Rest depends on the number of signed players. The current number of required boosters is [number of signed players]/3. So, if you have 12 players, you need to spend 4 Rest Boosters.

Morale booster
One morale booster will increase a player's morale condition by 10%, while 2 morale booster will raise his morale to 99% (the maximum amount). Note that you need to use two morale boosters at the same time for the latter effect.

The number of treatments required depends on the magnitude of the injury.

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