Club Shop

The Club Shop screen allows managers to buy various in-game and vanity items for their team.

Gifting allows managers to send gifts to their friends in the form of health packs or skill points and, in return, also receive gifts. These gifts can be sent any number of times per day, to any number of friends, but each manager can only redeem one of each type of gift per day. This means that a player can get one of each treatment and one skill point with gifting each day.

Gifts that can be sent infinitely include:

Morale Boosters
Skill Points -4%-

In addition to this, it is also possible to send jerseys and emblems to other managers. However, there are certain limitations. You cannot gift the jerseys and emblem you received during registration, while those you received as a gift yourself cannot be gifted further. Official jerseys and emblems can only be gifted if the person sending the gift has purchased tokens in the past for the total amount of the Official Item's worth.

Purchasable Items
The Club Shop allows you to purchase items by spending tokens on them. While some items, like the Health Packs and Cash, can be earned in-game, other items are exclusive to tokens (although you can earn tokens themselves through regular play).

This tab displays all emblems that can be purchased in the Club Shop, including Official Items. In addition to this, you are able to create your own emblem in this menu using pre-existing elements. You can also see how long a emblem will be available in the Club Shop, if it's a limited-time offer.

Jerseys in the Club Shop function similarly to emblems, with the exception that you can use two different jerseys for Home and Away matches. The only limitation is that they cannot share the same base color. If they do, the game will warn you that you cannot have both jerseys equipped at the same time.

Official Items
Official Items are jerseys and emblems officially licensed by real-world clubs. These come in either variants of one emblem or two jerseys, or one emblem and three jerseys. All the items of a single club can be purchased separately, although there are limited time offers where one club's items can be bought in a single bundle.

There are currently 26 official clubs in Top Eleven:

Arsenal FC
Atlético de Madrid
Buriram United FC
SL Benfica
Boca Juniors
Chonburi FC
Liverpool FC
AC Milan
FC Porto
Real Madrid C.F.
AS Roma
Zenit St. Petersburg
Lech Poznan
PFC Levski
Red Bull Salzburg
Shakhtar Donetsk
Olympiacos FC
IFK Göteborg
Sriwijaya FC
Club Brugge
Maccabi Tel-Aviv
Pohang Steelers
Sporting Clube de Portugal

Health Packs
You can purchase bundles of 5, 10, 25 and 50 Health Packs in the game in the Club Shop. Each individual type of Health Pack costs the same, but prices vary depending on the size of the respective bundle.

You can purchase cash in the form of Bank Investments. There are several types of Bank Investments, but their value scales with your Manager Level. So the higher your level, the more cash you will receive for the same token price.