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Thread: Fully Rested Players After New Season!!

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    And i also think that if they dont want to apply a day rest between seasons. That they give every player of every club a 99% Condition at the start of every season. Injured players will continue to be injured and cards reset as always. Thats my point!

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    Y i agree even to be the rest just 1 day. That means that the players will gain 40% condition. I never let my players to get tired. When they reach the yellow line of health i stop training them so that means they will be at 90-99% condition before the match starts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Townsend View Post
    I think at the end of every season 1 DAY REST. I dont agree to the 4 and 3 day rest cuz it is to much but i think the mamagers any players deserver a day of and so the players can regain there condition a bit.
    1 day's rest, also allows a bit more maintenance to be done so we dont have problems during the season

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