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Thread: Recive the league trophy the day that we win the league! (^-^)

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    Recive the league trophy the day that we win the league! (^-^)

    At now we recive it the first day of the next season.... so, we can win 1st the league, next day the cup, and next day the CL... and we have to wait for the league throphy (-.-)''
    I won it after 20 matches... the last sunday... and will recive the trophy this sunday and lots of us the same...¬¬''

    Why don't do the party, and recive he trophy (AND THE MONEY 77 MILLIONS IN MY CASE¿?! ) ($_$)'

    when we win the league, like with the cup and champions league?^^

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    i see a problem here
    what if you were just about to celebrate, but you lost the game and the trophy goes to the other guy? how do you not feel sorry for all the virtual little people who carried the trophy/got the stadium ready for the party/all the birds waiting to eat leftover stadium food? never thought about them have you?

    nah just kidding ;D. would love the idea so you can actually start getting prepared for the following season and whatnot. they give it to us on the opening days of the next season when people go crazy in auctions (smells fishy). i rather have it when we do win it so we can avoid the shopping spree. its pretty funny how my teams are ATM. my lvl 2 team (rags to riches ~3M) is actually richer than my lvl 5 team (goonskies ~2M)
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