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Thread: chat with other manager

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    chat with other manager

    hi, I suggest top eleven add some things such as when a match is running, both manager can chat n supporter can chat too..
    it will be more interesting..
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    Yes that would be nice...
    I'd give that manager who just injured my 3rd player a piece of my mind....
    Anyway, the prob would be that people could be mean to people and stuff.
    Its a great idea though.
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    Totally'd be nice.....

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    It would be nice, so long as the opposition is nice. But, like mentioned.. many would feel the need to give the other manager a piece of their mind when something hapened.. it coud get ugly. I don't want ingame chat, it would be distracting anyway. I would like to be able to send messages to my friends and other managers in my league, though.. that would be nice.
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    Not agree.
    We talked a lot of that during this year, and, no.

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    you can always try to use morse code by using friendlies (take it, but with a grain of salt)

    a chatboxs going to be awesome. ask other managers to play friendlies, negotiate deals, and of course accepting candy from strangers, what better way to socialize with other managers than a chatbox. as with other chat suggestions, there can always be some primitive profanity filter, add/block people, PMs and other basic chatbox options thingimajiggies
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    Me and my friends thought about this before, but we concluded since the time taken to make changes (subs/orders) would take awhile, a chat function would probably be distracting! hahaha

    But maybe after the match ends, both managers can have an option to congratulate, snub, scream, show the finger etc to each other?

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    I usually use the Club Fan Name section to send short messages to the opposition before a match, like nice squad, good run, or hello his language
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    Lightbulb Add a chat window during match

    I think if we have a chat window during the live matchs will be very fun: to discuss with your oppenent and leave a message ifhe isn't online.
    thank you

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    Rookie ilham11's Avatar
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    i think this is good idea

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