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yeah, sometimes I feel like the faithful brother of the "Prodigal son"

Well,, as I said, the idea is to give a (+) to the actives, thats why we play... to take care of the team daily and obtain a result for our work.... only the best managers have to win and a simulator, need illegal formations to make this game real

Knowing the game for these 2,5 years I know that the only way to improve the results is the same I always had in mind and thats why I copy paste for the meditation/constructive critic of who wanna share his viewpoint:

(here copy paste for meditation lol)

"....Improve the game in what form? this game works with one doing a work, of build a team, and then is a simulator that goes per chances, so the only way to improve the game to have a better way for the results is do it less unfair agains inactive teams and increase the competitiveness between active player, and this thing only can be done, by increasing the chances to score of actives and, adding again penalties for special cases to reduce chances as in real matches, and do the game more fair.

Thats why we have a vent thread with an amount of unfair results, because now "it goes for free" people say is random, and managers spent a full month been active to obtain something of T11, if you allow people to loose a full month and you say that doesn't matter that a inactive team win you in some situations that we see, is that we don't appreciate what the players are doing."

And thats why I always defended and still defending a "more reasonable" system of chances to determinate results.
Really knowing the game I don't see another form to improve this, and make active ppl happy (as some want to be happy... happy = if I spend a full month I have to obtain something for ma hard work mostly lol)