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Thread: As a new player these are the changes I would like to see implemented...

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    I want an airport.

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    Sounds reasonable, but I don't think Top Eleven will add: No.1,2,4 & 7
    1) Tokens are meant to be a rare currency - they want you to spend them wisely, or buy/earn tokens.
    2) To be honest I don't have an opinion on this. I would try avoid surveys as they normally say "You don't qualify for this survey".
    4) There's going to be the kind of people who will upload "inappropriate" images as their logo.
    7) They probably wont add this feature to prevent managers from easily switching to counter the opposing team's formation.

    Good Suggestions that I agree on or that will probably be added: No.3,5,6 & 8
    3) I personally strongly agree with this. One thing that should be added is that you can see the player's ratings during the match as well as after the match.
    5) I feel like there's a good chance this feature will be added, but they'll probably make them premium features so you'll need tokens to customise further.
    6) If you don't play on android/ios you have a lot more control of skill points - so there's a bit of difference between options and gameplay across different platforms.
    8) Although it's self explanatory to some, I think this could be added in the tutorial or in the help section.

    If you don't know, I believe the arrows are the directions of the runs that the player will make. For instance: most teams will use a 4-4-2 formation with the up arrows on ML and MR so that they can make forward runs - pushing them to AML and AMR to strengthen the attack.

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