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Thread: Top Eleven Shop Suggestions

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    Top Eleven Shop Suggestions

    Despite there are cool articles to buy, shirts, pillows etc...

    I miss scarves, whistles, some ball of top eleven, the trophy replicas and maybe can work a section where to personalize shirts with the own club name and emblem or so.

    My marketing suggestion is that now that Khristmas is coming the winners of any trophy from now on 2 seasons (Khris-tmas season and Santa too is for the disco) can recive a pop up notification with some discount (?¿) or if posible the option with a code to order a personalized shop item. (yea, with some discount would be cool xD)

    Just an idea^^

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    Personalized shirts is a great idea, choose your team colors like a replica jersey. Can put players name, number, team name and some "sponsors" emblems. Fun idea
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    I love the pillows

    Top Eleven Shop Suggestions-capture.jpg
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    Well I like that Idea. Also in D**** Le**** Soccer (Another football game), you can customize your football shirt yourself to the point that you can change emblem. If that's possible, then I wanna see Chris Nik's modded Jerseys (Brazilian colour, Greek Sponsors, Nik FC Emblem)
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    There are so many other more important and cooler sugetions this for me goes under the desk

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    Shop suggestions , i feel the biggest suggesting i could give is something like 50 tokens for 2 weeks double training, as the x2 feature is broken for many of us