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Thread: In game - player support/messaging t11 friends before a match

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    In game - player support/messaging t11 friends before a match

    In game - player support
    Hi all,

    Firstly I am new to the forum, has this topic ever been raised ? When watching your own home game and your team is superior to the opposition( in this case 123 vs 115) and you have prepared your team to level superb and achieved full fitness and full morale and you are using full team bonuses(this case 10% on attack,defence,possession and condition you would expect to win the game. The opposition has a lot of outside support as do i.The frustration is that i lost this champions league quarter final 1st leg due to the support coming to the opposition during the fixture. Now i get that is part of the game ,My question leads to, could it possible to be able to give a heads up ie message for support by your own top eleven friends prior to a game ?. Not everyone is on the site at the same time and i think we should be able to at least ask them for support even if we don't eventually get it.

    Thanks for reading


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    Yea, that would be great
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    This is a common anecdote plus a separate, semi common suggestion.

    Enjoy the game for what it is, "expectations" are set ups for let downs. (Don't limit yourself to believing the supporters cost your win, I don't. [8% Q difference is no margin of comfort, sincerely])

    I recommend you join a FB group, there are many and it's the easiest way to contact friends for support.

    Similar suggestions include (very common) manager 2 manager messaging across the board; pay tokens to support friends matches while you are offline; "advertise" a token bonus paid by manager to be given to a random supporter, encouraging more support for specific matches.
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