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Thread: ISRAEL emblem

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    Quote Originally Posted by TANGO View Post
    Someone from the website manger can respond please?
    We as moderators send the reports to the developers, who finally decide what to do with the suggestions and how to solve bugs and issues etc

    We can not do more here than send the suggestion as we do with all suggestions that managers write here.

    You can contact via email too:

    or opening a ticket using the "?" button inside the game.

    Be sure, we will send your suggestion to dev's but undersand that they recived this suggestion before and sure they have a good reason if, they do not add some emblems and so.

    Thread closed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TANGO View Post
    first, Palestine is not Exists !!!! ITS ISRAEL !!! Second, I didnt see someone asking to add his country except me .
    Well, from what I saw, Top Eleven quite recognize Palestine as a country. You can check that by logging into game, go to Associations and check the country flags, Palestine flag is there and actually do not look bad

    Regarding your other comments. Read again what I said and what I pointed out is that if Top Eleven would add your emblem, we would probably end up in dozens of requests from different countries and there won't be fair for them if Top Eleven would decide not to add them. Actually would be a stupid and unfair move (sorry Top Eleven, personal opinion).

    PS: There are dozens of requests from people to add the emblem of different countries, you are not the first and you will not be the last.

    That's why I said, if you have a good reason then OK, I don't understand why Top Eleven would not add it but with all the respect you only showed us arrogance and no reason why to do it.

    Anyway if you any issue with this or you want to talk straight with somebody from Top Eleven official staff you can open anytime a ticket, check HERE . (exactly as Khris suggested you)
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