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    Saving Training regimes

    There should be an option to save your favorite training. So you can choose between your favorite training methods. Instead of clicking it all over again.

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    Heya Fervor ^_^

    Thanks for the suggestion! It sounds pretty cool. I'll make sure to report it to the devs.
    Actually there is a similar option in the game right now.
    When you click on the training menu, on the bottom right there is a "Reports" button, and when you click it, you can see the last few drill combinations you did with your team and if you wish to, you can repeat them. But they aren't permanent and the oldest ones are not visible.

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    Yes reports are very helpfull.

    I would like to save some cominations, like for mid, attack, defence or keepers, so I don't have to 'program' the drills every time i need such a training pass.

    And one button traning repeat please
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