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    Dec 2016
    I am always support my friends 'match so many. I must use many buttons: Go friends 'match / Support / Back to Fixture / Friends Fixtures / Support ....

    Could U please give the button Back to Friends Fixtures immediately?
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    Dec 2014
    The friends section of the mail should have their results not their transfers.
    I want the club history feature from the old version to be retained. It adds to the experience of building a club.

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    Hi MOI,

    My suggestions would be :

    - For friends live match => allow to return to previous page just by clicking on "mobile return touch" (or insert a tab as in Associations Live Match where to choose which of our friends we would like to enter immediately)

    - Club history => allow an aera to check a in one page only number of league, cup, associations, CL trophées... and same for best players (top scorers, top MVP, Top assists players, top players in match played, etc)

    - Previous match détails on the Homepage => NO NEED. As you know there is only 3 sentences on 4 ! And if we want it, we only have to enter the game history... as it only deserves those who really want to consider the match and to prepare the next one.

    - Allow to see ability details on each players that could help managers to decide which to play free-kicks, penalties, corners, etc. On the new version we only have global ability per status (defense, attack, physical) with no detail.

    - Allow yet managers to change of clubs.... or to paste servors. Currently I am level 49 and from last 3 seasons I am at the top level of this servor. No other club is at the level 50 this season. It will help Managers to get back motivation... and 5 stars bidding players. To be noticed, for our case at level 49, we have almost all time only 3 stars players on bid. Very few Nordgens a season, just a little more 4 and 5 stars players when other clubs at my level wanna sold their players.

    - On association live match, some information appear to inform about goals, final result, etc. It is too big. When it appears, it doesn't allow us to see correctly what is happened on our match. I can suggest to change the position of the appearing information and to lower Policy. Or to wait a little till a moment there is no action on live match !

    - For Moral and condition, there is two kind of information. Condition let us know what exactly condition is in term of %. for moral there is only Arrow. We know 2 boosters are sufficient to retrieve full moral. But for team managers that have few packs, it is not helpfull. We need too to know the exact % as in old version of Top Eleven (maybe those on 2014-2015). Example : with a yellow Arrow (considered as good), you add 1 rest by mistake (not 2) and the Arrow is coming into green diagonal (very good). At this moment sometimes when you add another rest, it becomes green right up (wonderfull moral) and sometimes it becomes ONLY YET green diagonal (very good). So it needs another boost (the third). To know where we are on moral, % is just essential !

    - Allow to propose others emblems and jerseys of more classical teams too (my wish is called Saint-Etienne !!!)


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    Now why on earth we cannot buy official items with tokens anymore? This was a great feature in the past but now Nordeus removed it for the sake of Money?!
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    I would just like to add "Night Mode" with a darker UI to the list. We need to play in the night sometimes so this would be really helpful in real life not just within the game.

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    It's like 3 months since it posted but i cant see any news or words about that from nordeus

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    I don't have any hopes.
    If something could change , in 3 months we would see that.
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    I would like a change in the statistics of the goalkeeper. The statistic goal and assist may dissapear. Because it never happen. Instead you can add the statistic " clean sheet".
    Please reply. Thanks !!


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    Transfer deadline will make the game more enjoyable... For example, day 1-5 is the summer transfer and day 14-16 is the winter transfer of a season. Negotiation can be done at any time, but the player will be added to the squad if the transfer window is open, otherwise on the next transfer window opens. Scout and Recommended player can join as the same as negotiation system. Only player from youth club can join to the squad at any time.
    The rules is quite familiar to FIFA...
    I will eager to see this updated....

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    something that I miss in the game is to see the number of fans I have
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