1. Stadium area
☆ give a choice of shapes, so each club is not the same.
☆ can be shown on the page "... when the next match schedule ..." will play in a stadium like anything.

2. Exercise
☆ more manageable, like
- persist in its contents, yes, the practice survives and there is no attack or anything other than surviving. Likewise, attack, physical, game.
- in the game, new joint training techniques

3. Achievement
☆ features continue (can be with levels) or if there is an end, of course there is a reward.
☆ achievements can be seen by other opponents / friends / managers.

4. Search for players (buy players)
☆ can be in the search option:
- Junior: 18 years old to 21 years old, with criteria options
- characters: special players, with criteria options
- Top: players aged 27 years and above who have special characteristics (games), with option criteria

Paint * use purchase tokens, at reasonable prices 😅

5. Competition
☆ league there is a reward, for example 3x consecutive championship + 30% reward ability in 11 players installed.
☆ There is an additional option for Super Cup vs. Super champions, the final: the winner is against champion. Can be empty early in the season.
- the prize is a reward.

6. Event
☆ enjoy it ..

7. Jersey & emblems
☆ enjoy it ..

8. Support game / settings
☆ songs can have choices or can be from prana-outsiders
☆ setting options in watching matches can:
- just writing
- 2D
- maybe 3D
☆ provide the game's higtlith feature