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    1. Stadium area
    ☆ give a choice of shapes, so each club is not the same.
    ☆ can be shown on the page "... when the next match schedule ..." will play in a stadium like anything.

    2. Exercise
    ☆ more manageable, like
    - persist in its contents, yes, the practice survives and there is no attack or anything other than surviving. Likewise, attack, physical, game.
    - in the game, new joint training techniques

    3. Achievement
    ☆ features continue (can be with levels) or if there is an end, of course there is a reward.
    ☆ achievements can be seen by other opponents / friends / managers.

    4. Search for players (buy players)
    ☆ can be in the search option:
    - Junior: 18 years old to 21 years old, with criteria options
    - characters: special players, with criteria options
    - Top: players aged 27 years and above who have special characteristics (games), with option criteria

    Paint * use purchase tokens, at reasonable prices 😅

    5. Competition
    ☆ league there is a reward, for example 3x consecutive championship + 30% reward ability in 11 players installed.
    ☆ There is an additional option for Super Cup vs. Super champions, the final: the winner is against champion. Can be empty early in the season.
    - the prize is a reward.

    6. Event
    ☆ enjoy it ..

    7. Jersey & emblems
    ☆ enjoy it ..

    8. Support game / settings
    ☆ songs can have choices or can be from prana-outsiders
    ☆ setting options in watching matches can:
    - just writing
    - 2D
    - maybe 3D
    ☆ provide the game's higtlith feature

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    Suggestion 1 :
    Let us know WHEN our friends was last online. Why ? Because we don't want to have full friends list who are not active in-game. For example a friend didn't appear for like 10 days or so, it's logical we remove that person from our list, in order to add some1 else who is more often online, to send us gifts and support during game.

    Suggestion 2 :
    Opportunity to send and receive messages to/from other ppl, so we can arrange our matches better for both sides.
    For example, I had a match vs person who is living in Argentina, that's 5 hours earlier than my local time. He re-aranged the match for better time for him, but that was 03:00 am for me . Needless to say, I couldn't log in to play it

    Suggestion 3 :

    Re-arrange the match would be better to cost money instead of tokens. BUT - to have limit of 5 maximum re-arranged matches per season, in order to avoid bad ideas .

    P.S. These are... "beta" suggestions, which came in my mind )

    This I suggest to be implemented into the browser version and mobiles.
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    1 I would like to see matches in 3d, 2 base players arrive with more stars, 3 teams down

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    So far the "new" TE 2019 has features from form the old TE 2015
    Keep up the good job !

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    How about some sort of ranking system, to see how you’re team compares to other teams in the world? This maybe can be based on win percentage , or number of trophies won, or strength of team, or a combination of all three. It’s just a fun way of competing and trying to improve you’re team.
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    I think this is one of the best football manager games i have played. All the features are so far intresting and worth having in the game.
    My only request is if we could have a place for best goal keepers in a season. We currently only have a place for Top scorer, most assists and most highly rated players. I think there is need for goal keepers to be rated as well depending on the most clean sheets in the season.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ποσιδονας View Post
    So far the "new" TE 2019 has features from form the old TE 2015
    Keep up the good job !
    Old is gold
    I think this is what most of the veterans asked for. There are many many posts saying bring back old TE.
    Before you say i am supporting Nordeus for their decisions ( like in one of the old threads lol ) -- I know other more important major changes should be undertaken to reduce exploiting.

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    I’m writing you everywere!
    TE is football game manager the best on portable devices but it is a football game and into the real football the negotiations are always at the start of new season.
    I can undstand and i think a lot of gamer like me , can undstand your decision.
    If I buy a player 18 years old at the last week after 7 days is not correct became 19 years old. We know that young players increase her ability more fast than older.

    Then I’m classificated in Championship in the first 8 team , in the next season, with a level up, i can’t lose 20% of my power team.
    One idea could be introduce experience for players with age and in base of my position lose less or more power then if i win the League i can’t recive online money but token too and cards and percentuals to increase abilities of my players.

    Please think its Nordeus, don’t play with our passion but take care it and increase it with good ideas.


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    Many of us have stopped using facebook. There should be an option to use the browser version that allows us to log in with our google accounts like we can do with the android app and not have to be connected to facebook.
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    Ajout de l'option ''Prêt de joueur''

    Bonjour ! Je voudrais bien que vous ajoutez l'option du prêt des joeurs dans le jeu pour lui donner un peu plus de réalisme et de satisfaction. Moi par contre exemple j'aime le football a la base et donc j'aime recruter des jeunes (18ans) a fort potentiel. J'arrive pas a les faire jouer tous alors qu'ils pourraient être prêtés a bas prix ou a faible token en contrepartie. J'aimerais bien que vous réfléchissez a ce sujet. Merci!

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