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    Browser version feature requests

    What features would you like to see in our current browser version of Top Eleven? Feel free to give us any insights, suggestions or features you think may help making this version better.

    Please be constructive with your feedback

    If you think something is bad, let us know why do you think that way ("this sucks" may be very expressive, but doesn't help us know what exactly you dislike). If you want to see some feature, be as specific as possible ("add things!" doesn't help either).

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    - Supporting friends in old version is much better.
    With the new version you must go back to team's games, then back to friends games and tab a new support again.
    This could be like the asso games, having a flag and go direct to other current games of friends - where the support could go auto to our friend (or none if both are our friends) as in asso.

    - In transfer market, be able to choose the stars, the position, the age ... like the old version

    - to be able to see the profile of other bidders, our friends supporters (or enemies ), titles, achievements ...

    - instead of the live game, to have another option to see the game as the old version, with the formations, the (live) stats and the players with the live rates

    - to be able to see the history of the club as in the old version of course
    (and season stats/ review)

    - when we have the daily skill point from a friend (or the man of the match s.p.), to be able to add it in extra position or s.a. like the old version

    - to be able to see more details in the newsletter of the team.
    No need to see the "thanks" from friends, but to see who and when our player got injured.
    Which player we sold and in which team (all the info), like the old version

    - there must be a trophy room like the old version, with 3-4-5 pages, not going back to every season to see our cups.

    - training can be quicker, with a direct repeat button of the previous set

    - The flags was fun for me in the beginning but after 3 years, I don't look them anymore.
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    Niko has basically commented on everything that needs to be redirected to the new version
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    I gunna writte ma Khristmas presents list later xD

    I need do one of these long analysis touching every aspect of da game.

    Nik keep calm lol

    Edition 1:

    I wanna start saying that after +4 years playing Top Eleven what keep me here is the simplicity of the game compared with other FB football manager games is really attractive despite that we always can be here discussion after every update of how to improve even more the game.

    So IMO I would not like to see a big improvement in terms of design or a improvement to see for example the faces of players etc. I think this part, "neutral" as it is it's OK and that the game really do not need loads of options to define the strategy in a more accurate or specific way, is O.K. simple as it is and I think mostly of managers like it.

    -I think that the part that need to be extended now after the big improvement that was the taining system, is the Academy + recommendations that should go together and be renewed.

    -Too the team of Mourinho have no sense at all itself, as I suggested time ago I would lke to conver Mourinho in the manager of our Scout List players to face and test them so we can invest better our Tokens.

    - I always defended, and after the announce of the end of support for old version, that eveyone likes to remember the history, so I would like to se amore complet trophy room, with the Individual Player's Awards saved with their names too.

    -Delete the Assistant manager and add in it's place a resume of the game comments as in the old version to have some notes to work as managers, if a option of replay can not be implemented. (I really think is less consuming the 1st option and enough).

    -I would like to see more game modes, as now we have, to understand;
    -The daily mode -League, CL-NML - Cup
    -The weekend mode -with associations, groups, Loans etc

    I would like to see how the friendlies are implemented only inside the Associatons type of simulation, s equalizing the stars despite the level diferanc.

    And I would like to see a mode where to create my own cup, when I want, selecting the rounds and with a option to invite friends to join to fight for a little prize and a personalizable Cup to win. "The Cup of Khris Ist edition" in the cabinet.
    Too a option to create Friends Leagues so we don't have to start from Level 1 with 14 new accounts of Gmail and unnofficial facebook.

    Annual Tournament of Clubs integrated inside the Assos' feature that should be called Chalange mode, with challanges such competitions not only of associations, too per countries etc ... lets call it more movement.

    -The rankings per server of teams with more Leagues won, Cups, CL's etc would be nice and I too always defended this to be developed in a better way.

    -Top Server at Level 50 with relegation Zone.

    -No 8* training allowed for teams that do not promote.

    -A more interesting economic part, with more realistic contracts and special contracts "if targets" such as CL classification, Win a League etc are accomplished.

    -Degrade the level of Training and edifices if no promotion.

    .-Priorize as main and well paid competition in Token terms the League and no the Associations as is now, I think really after arrive to Platinium and see the Tanking Panorama that this should be replanted, too thats why talk of degrade Levels "of" and do not allow train to 8* "if" no promotion or the suggestion of the contracts per targets, Then with these changs, game will balance itself.

    -Too Ive commented few times "that the game really have a lot of game", as we say here in Spain, so I think that teams can be more unique training a bonus for a Specific Formation that should be the main of our team -as real teams usually have- (to end with these matches in what we see 10 changes of formation for both sides LOL) so, Bonuses for Formations Trained, and Increase the max of 15% of bonus in assoc' till a 30% too "if" a circumstance, (that can be use the main formation?) or add a option to activate 2 bonuses same time for example to try to compensate a differance like the Cup Level Differance, so if -1 level or more, double bonus.

    -Skill point recived as Gift added automatically in the captain.

    -Diary of teams of the server. Everybody likes to feel important and fame is part of manage a team so I would like to see a Diary talking about something related with Higher Level teams and success-wins of Posible Future rivals in the CL - Cup. Something Basic with news of teams and 2-3 times a sason.

    -The job centre was so nice.

    -Age of retirement, option to postpone paying Tokens to extend contract till 42 years (this one should be very expensive lol).

    Finish edited 1. lol
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    ability to see bids on transferlisted in main squad list again
    Groundhog Day visiting level - 58 -

    considering quitting, since nothing is improved for veterans ... nothing and pay to win has become to dominante

    FireCats is testing level - 36 -

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    History and season stats of the team.
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    Niko hit the nail on the head across the board.

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    I agree with some team history. I like the old version to check the team win-draw-loss all time record, the goals... there's nothing like this in new version, and this is an opportunity to improve on the old version.

    As Niko said, the new trophy room doesn't give a full picture of team history, and the achievement page is easy to "complete and forget". We've had suggestions for a museum, honoring star players or big victories. Fake social media reporting on veteran and retired players; options to throw parades; Whatever the case, something more to connect emotionally with the "team legacy".

    Improve efficiency of repeated training and friends support - I don't think an option to support all friends while you're online makes sense (I'll leave a browser tab open, invite 1000 friends via FB, and every team will be supported 24/7... people will complain). But certainly it can be more efficient than the large amount of loading and screen changes out takes to support via fixtures when multiple friends are playing simultaneously.

    I find the new auction market easy to sort, is small enough that I don't think options to limit by stars or position etc is necessary as Niko suggested. Just adds clutter.
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    @nikolgiorgos said almost everything.

    The most important thing for me is the daily skill point and the one for "man of the match".
    I think we need to have the right to decide what to do with that skill point, not letting the game decide which attributes will increase.
    I'm not saying saving the skill points for days.
    I'm saying saving 1 or more skill points until we log off, or until the day changes.

    If you put back the feature that lets us save skill points (only until 2:15 AM GMT) and decide which attributes to increase, you will make us users enough happy to accept the deletion of the old version and there will be no worries for skill points collection.
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    A transfer history so you can check the progress of players you've sold (this can currently be done only for players who played a game for you in the current season). If you sell someone without playing a game in current season, eg youth academy, there's no way to check them in new version (you can in old, for a while anyway)

    Of course the team history/stats is a must.
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