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Thread: How many viewers of negotiation list ?

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    How many viewers of negotiation list ?

    Can I see how many are the viewers of the players I have in negotiations list ?
    There could be a number of how many managers are watching or have examine my players.
    Are my players useless ?
    Not attracting other managers ?
    Aren't enough managers in my levels or server ?
    What can I expect ?

    I have two players right now (they are for three days in the list)
    an MC who got two 0T offers and a ST who got nothing yet

    How many viewers of negotiation list ?-nego-no-offers.jpg
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    This is because only few managers can see your negotiation players.
    maybe 5-10 so that's why you have no offers.
    But the players of the market are common for 100 or more managers at the same time.

    This is one of nordeus little secrets

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    yes, you have a point here so ...

    After some brain damage, I end up in a conclusion, a (conspiracy ?) theory.

    It started with an old thread I started
    Zero T negotiation offers

    Why so many 0 token offers ? Why many of them repeated from the same managers ?

    Then it was another thread, about the situation in transfer market, the period when Nordeus made a test about refounding the token after a lost auction
    There I realized that I could see the same players of some (human) teams over and over again.
    The new transfer market. How is it works ?

    And now this situation.
    With this new tm, A young 18 y.o. with 98-99% quality, cost 25-30 token and I haven’t some descent offers for such players with a sa too !?

    Well, this is my theory :
    Those players I have, can bee seen only from very few managers.
    If some of them don’t have enough token or money, simply won’t make any offer for my players or some will just make 0 token offers.
    My players are trapped in this closed list of “customers”.

    More conspiracy theories :
    Some good players I have (young with multiple positions and sa) can be seen only from “poor” managers and not wealthy teams.
    Those teams could easily offer 25-30 token for a good player.
    But … those “wealthy” teams have access to not so good players (older, without sa or many positions) or to players from semi-abandoned teams.
    So, you send some good offer but you don’t get any answer.

    Some more conspiracy theories :
    So, why Nordeus doesn’t promote negotiations (rather the opposite, making sabotage –lol) ?

    - For the same reason which doesn’t fix the issue with recommended players
    - Continue offering crap academy players and worthless scout list players (well, most of them).
    80-90% of the scout list players are old, with only one position, with not attractive sa and slow trainers and they cost a lot of tokens.

    My speculation is that nordeus doesn’t want to make an easier life for the token buyers.
    If some manager with a lot of tokens could buy 3-4 good young players from nego list, 3-4 players from scout list, 2-3 recommended players and sign with two good young academy players, easily could build a powerful team from the first day of the season and let the rest (more casual) managers fighting for the rest positions.
    Then, those managers would complain that T11 is only a game for people who are spending money and the ftp (free to play) managers are just supporting actors.
    Well, what can I say ? I cannot disagree much with that policy.

    * All above are just my speculation as a simple player of the game and nothing more
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    l prefer spending my token in nego then in TM.Atleast some token goes to fellow selling manager. I can be quite generous buying from other managers.
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