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    I dont think that auction is as the old one. Its crazy man. if you can buy from nego list why should you spend tokens to buy some random **** from auction if anyway you should pay as much as from nego list or more. This system only worked when scouting was introduced, so people were buying that trashes for 1-2 tokens to try new thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Altiplano View Post
    Auction system is fine. Same as the old one was. Just got to learn how to work with it.
    Negotiations could do with a few tweeks though. Less tokens to Nordeus, better system of communication between seller and buyers.
    My problem is that "learning to work with it" requires less strategy than the old system. The old system required you learn when to bid, how many rounds to stay, which managers to avoid bidding against, how to identify Nordgens vs. manager players, when to sell your own players to get as many other managers to bid on your players as possible, etc.

    Now, there's much less strategy to selling players. Also, buying players just becomes a manager of trying again and again, waiting out the groups of players, rather than logging on, seeing what players are available and when they expire, and then taking a break before coming back. It's a lot less realistic and a lot less engaging.

    You may think that this auction system is fine, but I have not been convinced by anyone that it is. I need an argument with a lot more substance and support to convince me than "Just got to learn how to work with it" because that is not my problem. The problem is not that I can't do well with the new system, it's that the new system is not interesting to me (which is why I stopped playing).


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    Agreed 100%. The old system was far more engaging. In truth I preferred it more than the system we have now.
    The auctions we have now are exactly as you say and I can find little to no enjoyment in searching for and buying players.
    But the system is "fine". Not good, great, brilliant or bad. It's just......fine.
    You know how to work with it, I know how to work with it. But there are so many players out there who just don't know when to stop bidding.
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    Great comments fellow managers.

    In this new system, it's hard to find good talent that isn't full of bidders who think that they have tokens to fill up the sea.
    They haven't seen how much it deducts from their tokens.

    In the old system, we were cautious, but it didn't mean there was massive wars on players.
    We could see how much we spent, and when we finally win the round, we get excited. It does a great job masking on how much you spent. (that is good)

    This current one doesn't get that feeling, it gets more of a "I ate too much and feel sick" kind of way.
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    My opinion : The new auction sucks.

    Suggestions to improve it

    1- Show ALL positions ( GK- DR-DL-DC-MC-MR- ML AML-AMR-STR ) in EACH round
    2- Don't show 3 stars players - Display only 4 and 5 stars players
    3- Increase the time from 4 minutes to 10 OR 15 minutes.
    4- Increase the number of players from 15 per round to 30 ... ( let us scroll and find out which player suits us ... )
    5- Set up a button for automatic transfer for a X amount of tokens for example 10- 20 - 30 - 40 without waiting the end of time but it should be no higher than 40 tokens which is the price of a scout player.
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