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Thread: Share data or fire someone...

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    Share data or fire someone...

    I request Nordeus shares the data that is leading them to pursue their current line of development. I think some creative director or decision making process is doing real damage to T11, and unless there are positive data to back this course up - increased retention, spending per user, app engagement metrics - I sincerely think someone is out of touch with the audience and needs to be removed from their role.

    I see so much backlash and so many missteps, the systems Nordeus have in place appear from the outside to be well broken and mismanaged. Whoever is deciding these resource priorities needs to justify it to the user base. It's ok to be honest with the direction, if you're simply attempting to engage a different audience; but it seems you're making nobody happy in your attempts.

    The iterative and playtesting process also seems wholly inadequate, given a continuous shitshow of globally, unforgivably buggy releases and the backpedaling and grovelling that follow.

    I want to see positive results of this status quo, or acceptance of mistakes and a plan to improve systemically and profoundly.

    What is your goal, Nordeus?
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    Unofficial Updates Thread

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    I agree with this. They say they're taking feedback into account, but for every update that was formed through feedback, there are 10 that Nordeus seems to have thought of on their own. For every update, I want to see how they came up with it, if it was inspired by feedback from these forums, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Any sort of transparency.

    I had hope in this release. No more. I want to see some accountability, because Top Eleven has been trending downwards for the past year or so, not through inactivity, but because Nordeus has actively made the game worse.


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    How long do you think people use a new application they have just installed on their devices ? I honestly think it's something between 1 day and 1 week, in average. These people are the bull-eye of Nordeus' target: they want folks to install their game and play it at least for a short while. I said it again and again: we are not their core customers. That's why they invest in making their game look nice and pretty. Instead of going deeper in the game engine to make the app more realistic. I remember when I first installed this game, I said to myself: how awful this game looks! Now, it's gorgeous. They do not care about the engine flaws. Against what most people think, I even think they do not care much about people buying tokens or not: we all know that it's possible to win trebles without spending a dime. They just want people to use their product instead of their competitor's.
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    Totally agree with you gizzmo,only visual improvement to attract new customers and from time to time they will throw a bone to the old users,like bringing back the team history...

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    Yet we are the ones who are addicted and love the game.

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    Any designer should work to satisfy both an inexperienced user and an addicted vet.

    It's completely accurate that user retention across the app stores are quite low, with a majority turnover in about 3 weeks. So it's always smart to give a strong hook and capitalize on the early stages.

    I'd love for Nordeus to say this, we are just unable to attend to the hardcore users because the newbies are our focus. Because we hold the wrong idea, that we drive decisions... it's as madflo said, we beg and they throw us a bone, something to diminish or remove later. Remember they said eventually club history would return and be something special, and now we have mostly what we had before, just after months of absence.

    I look at the new formation screen and am reminded of PES 2013; I look at the poor graphic design of the market timer, the stars system and I feel disappointed that this is what Nordeus offers us in a 2018 product.

    Some developments, like faster market turnover buying and selling, the season-length challenges, the Nivea league... these are clearly to increase engagement and interaction for new players who obviously can't be expected to play a game on the month-by-month timeframe older players were used to.

    But still, the polish and creativity, a sense of community-directed decision making, these things are lacking. How many times have we asked to save multiple formations+ tactics for quick swapping? How many ways might they have improved association loans, the heart of cooperative social interactions. And what did they do instead... a hatchet for dental surgery.

    They don't listen, they don't solve our problems.