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Thread: Wrong match results after a match

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    Wrong match results after a match

    I have had this issue 3 times and it is very wrong, unfair, frustrating, annoying and should be fixed immediately. I do not know if anyone has experienced it.
    The Top Eleven Team needs to fix this.

    I played an association match and I saw the score at 3:2 in my favour. Then the network goes off and when it comes back, it shows that the match was a draw between me and the opponent at 0:0. This is wrong.

    The second time, I played a UK Tour Match this morning and the opponent was leading me 4:2. I saw this clearly. Then the network goes off and wen it comes back, it shows that I won 2:0. This is also wrong. It is unfair to the opponent. I also think this was meant to make me continue the UK Tour tournament. But it is clearly wrong.

    The third time, I was number 6 on the league table and I played a League match that would have placed me in the 4th place on the League table. I prepared strategically and tactically and was leading the opponent 2:0 at the 88 minute of the game. Then the network goes off and when it comes back, the game shows a draw 0:0. This is unfair. It is wrong.

    Do not cheat players of the game if that is what you are doing and do not favour players if this is what you are doing. If this is a glitch in the system, then please by all means fix it immediately so that we do not quit using the game. It is fun and I love it. But if you would be cheating us or favouring others, then this is clearly wrong.
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    i still haven't face this problem.. so i will wait until i face it and vote it

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    Everyone is gonna get it at some point if they play for long enough.
    If someone at Nordeus forgets to put a 50 cent piece in the electricity meter the power goes off, the servers shut down, and once someone has come back from Starbucks with the coffees and the change your match will be replayed without your consent, knowledge or input.

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    @ DEO Avante
    it's not about cheating.
    The game has problems (bugs) in asso tournaments, many bugs after the TE 2018 and also bugs today with the new contest.
    It seems that devs team cannot handle them.
    We must give them some time credit .
    It was a great game once.
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    I set match on Tournament, then I could not go live the match, even I was online. Then, 30 minutes left it showed the result that I lose after penalty. Another stupid thing I the goalkeeper in on list to take penalty shot. And, I cannot set the list of penalty shot. Haizzzz