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Thread: Serious suggestion about player growth feature

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    Serious suggestion about player growth feature

    To the developers, i personally think that losing 20% on all players when leveling up not so practical,

    after very much effort to train all the players everyday and when it comes to the end of season they all gonna loose stars,

    and need to redo again and need to invest much resource if we want to keep at least 120% team every start of new season.

    and i believe this is one of the most reason somebody is tanking in the league to maintain their players.

    and somebody was suffering by the match fixing because someone got super team but only choose opponent they like to beat

    So, im suggesting to eliminate this 20% reduction of quality doesn't matter leveling up or not,

    but please introduce the player growth feature which the player will stop growing in skill when reach certain age and his skill will slowly decrease in time.

    and at this stage all the managers may need to invest some resource to buy new younger player which still can growing to replace this old players, this is more practical.

    please consider this
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    if no - 20% applies... everybody becomes 160-180% after 4-5 seasons .... this suggestions is not logic ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by USARABAT View Post
    if no - 20% applies... everybody becomes 160-180% after 4-5 seasons .... this suggestions is not logic ...
    if follow current rate of growth, of course not logic, currently all players especially FT is too fast to develop and too quick to lost the 20% after 4 weeks.

    need to reconsider to change the current rate of young player growing and another think like i said, his growth will stop at certain age and even decrease in time or decrease if occasionally play/trained

    and no more 20% reduction. nobody will tanking, perhaps no upselling gonna happen also

    and if you want to build quick 140%~160% team, you need to invest much resource and effort. much fair
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    The thing to remember about player development is that it is intrinsically linked to the ability of Nordeus to make money. I'm not talking about screwing us over or anything here. It just the way they have the game set up. Buy an 18 year old and you can keep him playing for 6 seasons with a reasonable amount of rest packs invested in him. Currently this player will cost what? 40 tokens? At for example 42 tokens, that's 7 per season. Nordeus knows this. And knowing this they can plan for their financial future. If this same player were to continue to play with the same level of rest pack investment season after season Nordeus would have to find a way to effectively double the cost in tokens of us being able to buy him. Would you want to pay 80 plus tokens for a player?
    The way the system is set up at the moment means that we either buy a new player for a specific position every 4-5 seasons or we can always continue to pump rest packs into a player with ever decreasing effectiveness. Either way Nordeus keeps ticking over, making a profit and producing Top Eleven.
    Change the life expectancy of players and the price in tokens or the cost in green packs would have to increase.
    System works as it is.
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    518 wont like it.
    heavily reduce the income of greens.that way the footballers will expand their playlife and nordeus will profit from those who will buy greens with tokens.

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    Do you realize that the % is relative to a "standard AvQ" witch is used in simulation terms only to be comparative with/vS?

    Again Im gonna explain:

    Level 1, 5* = 20AvQ but, you see the 5* a 80%

    level 2= 5* = 25AvQ still u see the 5* as 80% , now the 5* needs 25 AvQ points , and these 25 points where in L1 6* (you get it?)

    So, this information, of %'s, is just "informative" "relative" and, comparative. The simulations are made using the difference between these %'s...

    So the % dont matter really, because lets suppose now...

    L1 5* 20 points, you go to L2... the 5* at L2 is 30 points... so, as the system is made you can not "don't lose" the %... "unless in every level, the internal AvQ is the same as in L1... so of 20 points, and thats a "absurd scenario really"... because we would have the what? 5 levels? in where all players would have what?... 9* if we keep the L1 starting team?... this would stuck the game, and would need a change in all the areas.

    And the most important, for what reason? if the % is "comparative"-"relative" what means that is the "distance between 2 teams" what calibrates the simulation...

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    You are wrong even from the start as the game do not reduce your players quality. If you end the season with 150 quality, when you start the new season your quality would be exactly the same, you do not lose nothing. The only difference is on stars but this is just something visually. Everyone do "lose" a star but is just a visual effect to avoid players gathering 40 stars quality which is not practical.
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    I like the current system. If it ain't broke...

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    ofcourse i know those player actually didn't lose anything when leveling up, it just visually lost star to be compared with league level.

    i also don't really mind with current system, but after this, i don't want to care or get involve if somebody keep complaining about people tank and choose opponent they like to beat and manipulating the asso, upselling and so on.

    let current behavior continue forever,

    thread closed
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    Sometimes I think that Nordeus wants players to use more 3 and 4 star players in their teams. All those players are useless in the market and no one wants them (except FT and maybe for training purposes). I think that this was intended with the new TM, but players are still paying crazy Tokens for old 95 rated players.

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