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Thread: Please Tell Us Your Top 5 Issues

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    Friendlies All Platforms - It's just not right and absolutely baffling that people can arrange friendlies without other team's consent. I mean surely something can be done about this as it is an extremely simple fix and the way the current system is, it is totally unfair on people when some cant log in for hours on end to then come online and find people have ruined their first teams condition with pointless friendlies they didn't want to play and would of been rejected.

    injuries All Platforms - Now I know this game is trying to be realistic and I get that, I really do. But the sheer amount of injuries one can amass is simply too much. It is crippling for people that pay real money to play your game and for free-to-play players who are just trying to have fun. Injuries every now and then are a given, but the sheer amount of them that the game engine can throw at you is a lot of the time, a game ender for most people. I guarantee you that this will be the reason most people stop playing this game or stop buying tokens.

    U21 Players All Platforms - Well this one is really simple, why should players have to pay tokens to receive an U21 player when we have already spent cash and time upgrading our facilities. It's a daft feature and I can't see many people paying the token fee for such a mediocre player. At least tone down the amount of tokens needed or just get rid of the tokens and make us pay for it in cash (But again, not at such a cosmic high price).

    New Cup Format All Platforms - In what universe is it right that token buyers or even just people who want to be the best, get punished in the cup and get drawn against people who are multiple levels above them and inactive! You are in a situation where players are manipulating the system and keeping hold of lower quality players in their reserves to get a better cup draw. You may want a new cup format, the current one is not the answer.

    Random Generated Results All Platforms - Again, I completely understand that in real life, sometimes better quality teams get beaten by lower quality teams ..upsets even. In Top Eleven it happens far too often to people who are putting time, effort and money into the game, getting beat by an inactive team that has been mistreated for over a month. Yes one or two upsets ..but it should be per season ..not every couple of games. The great Nordeus generator seems too random in its results and as much as you try to convince us, it just doesn't seem to take into account all the factors. (Ie - Team quality, moral, condition, formations, tactics etc etc).

    Rant over, I feel much better now.

    EDIT - On a positive note, thank you for this thread. It's nice to know that we at least have a voice and are allowed to express our opinions about the game in a constructive way.
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    1-Transfer Market on New Servers, visualizing list All platforms: Fix it. Whenever a new season starts, you get connected and load your transfer list being showed at total random either 4* young players autogenerated or 3* young players. Those two categories are split and won't merge togheter and be seen by everyone. It's utterly and plainly unfair to have to rely on the randomness to connect after backup to set the pillars of your new season and facing an idiotic 3* list. Also, it doesn't refresh for HOURS. Transfers should be available for everyone at the same time, not just people who rolled the lucky dice. FIX- On top of that, new servers need more generated players. I reckon letting us buy scouts is better for you, but you should be smart enough to realize that taking a player from TL and power leveling SA and quality is way more expensive (and remunerative for Nordeus).

    2-U21 All platforms Why did you bother adding it to the game if it's so evidently useless? Who would spend 12-20 tokens to buy a player who can't even cope with the max quality you can find on market? For that amount i could take a 18 yo with SA from transfer list. Let alone that paying for a youth from your own academy sounds retarded. Erase the free youth, and keep it generating one youth per session, but without the token fee.

    3-Illegal formations, GK bug/importance to the game, impossible results All platforms Well. It's again idiotically clear to anyone playing T11 that some things just aren't in the right set of mind. Playing a Q 12 team with a Q50 one should mean like A.C. Milan training session with a non professional team. There is maybe 0,000001% chanche they'd win. On top 11, xpecially lately, it's more like 35% chanche that a team twice or three times weaker might make it.
    Illegal formations abandoned winning leagues? Are you serious? Teams with GKs as forwards, MCs as defenders, STs as keepers winning over a normal team?For real?. This happens alwais. I wonder, how rewarding is for Nordeus letting advance and win abandoned teams which don't spend a dollar on the game unfavouring active ones which are spending? Stop being lazy.

    3-Cup Format All platforms It doesn't really touch me, but i reckon you can't possibly pretend to group up level 7 and level 10 just due to similar quality. I also reckon that might be a trick to get not-anymore-spenders to reinforce to win the cup, but how can be fair when a 4* player for a level 10 is a 7* for a level 7? really. How could you not figure it out before implementing it? Meet your friend - Beta test.

    4-Bonuses, sponsorships, free tokens All platforms We understand that the number of offers differs and depends on the advertizers, but at the present there is too much disparity between countries. In canada or england they have so many free boosters/tokens that it discourages outer players from even deciding to invest in the game. I appreciated the implementing of free videos on IOS, but i, and you, should reckon it's pretty useless if there are alwais NO videos to watch. For the less advertized countried, implement discounts and special offers.. That will lead people to decide investing more in the game.

    5-Injuries All platforms I'm not that touched by them untill now, but GOD, at least be a tiny bit less lazy over them? Make them proportional at least to the type of training substained. It has no sense having a broken leg during stretching, or breaking your legament while doing cardio. Set certain types of injuries to certain types of training. Set the gravity of the injury based on the amount of stress of the training (2-3 bars). Reds are too much requiring. Either decrease the amount needed or at least improve the squad capability from 22 to 25.

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    Hi! I'm in my 30th season, so you could say I know what I'm talking about.

    1 - Unwanted friendlies: I believe the easiest solution is to add a tick box to "My Fixtures" that says "Reject all friendlies"! This way no one can arrange a friendly 20 mins before a crucial match, when your team is all set to full Morale and Condition and most importantly HEALTHY. The box could stay ticked until the end of the day and then be reset. Confirming friendlies would be a mistake, as I only play them against inactive teams who really don't care, but would become unplayable if confirming was introduced.

    2 - Generated players: Find some balance! Some levels have so many generated players on the transfer market every day that it makes selling your own players practically impossible, whereas some levels get absolutely no generated players available for the entire season.

    3 - New Cup format: I'm sorry to say this, but YOU KILLED THE CUP. Actually you made a Champions League for non-champions. You probably wanted to even out the difference in quality, but you failed - a level 10 and a level 13 team (with a few youth players in reserves) may have similar average at the start of the season, but from then on, a higher level team can buy much better players on the market and the competition becomes just as uneven as it was in the old format. Plus, you made it totally unrealistic: look at the oldest football competition in the world, the FA cup: amateurs and minnows play the strongest teams in the world and most of the times they lose, but at least they can dream. I can still remember being a beginner winning against a friend who was a few levels higher than me - oh the joy and pride I felt. But that's all gone now, as the Cup was the only competition where I could play against my friends who were not on the same level as my team.

    4 - U21 players: Signing and playing the youth players from your own academy should be encouraged, but now this is not the case. Why on earth would I pay 20+ tokens for a *** or low **** player, when I can easily buy a max quality player (or even two) from negotiations for the same amount of tokens. The only use for U21 players right now is to sell the bad one for cash and kick the good one on the street. The solution would be in improving the good player to five stars, keeping his good training ability and the price tag at about 15 T. The bad one should stay free, but at least *** quality (like free-agents) for the poor teams to use.

    5 - Communication with other players: Have you thought about adding a wall where players in the same league could interact? Or just be able to send each other a short message. FB messages have become difficult for only T11 friends as they are now sent to "other" folder. I believe talking to T11 friends, rivals, teams you want to play a friendly match against or trade players with ... would make the game even more interesting. Just imagine the trash talk build-up to a crucial league match or rants about the referee afterwards. The best way is to add a tag with a wall where everyone can post to all competitions and a new icon to team profiles (how they look like is up to you) - post length should be limited.

    6 - Training gain: Shorter (10min) trainings should have better rewards in comparison with longer (1h) ones, like they did in the beginning (a long time ago).

    That's all from me. I see some posts here from players who are level 4 and think they know everything that's wrong with this game. My suggestions are the result of over 2 years of playing hard. I hope you find some of them helpful or at least interesting.
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    1 - Friendlies - All Platforms - does this need more explanation? Friendlies have to be accepted by both parties to be arranged, you can't just have people randomly creating friendlies that cripple your squad. Arranger sets a time, if not accepted within 10 minutes of kick off game is cancelled. Simples

    2 - Substitutions - All Platforms - There is too much of a delay in getting changes made, while there might be a five minute period in a game without any breaks in the play 15 is too much. The commentary will even describe several corners happening but your sub still won't appear. If you make a sub at half time they should be on for the start of the second half

    Additionally changes should happen instantly if a player gets injured. IRL if a player is seriously injured then the game is stopped so the player can receive treatment and then a sub is brought on. This may be difficult to implement, but at the very least it MUST happen if a GK is injured. You shouldn't even need to set up an auto-sub, the change is obvious. Your sub keeper comes on, or if not available the player with the highest Handling ability

    3- Youth Players - All Platforms - I haven't even had a youth come through yet, but my understanding is that I will have to pay a large amount of tokens to get one who will be half decent and that one will be free but essentially useless. That's a pretty poor show. Either they're very good and we pay for it, or they're not so good and they come free

    It's disappointing to know that I spent time and money on upgrading my youth academy (twice! stupid noob me thinking it would be worth the wait) and that it will probably produce nothing of note. I like the suggestion above that one good player comes through per season, then it's no problem to pay the tokens


    4 - Scout List - All Platforms - Improve selection. Stocked full of absolutely woeful players, often old and with pointless SA (e.g corner kick and penalty special defenders). I've not bought one yet and can't see myself doing it, better for me to spend fewer tokens and get better players in the transfer list. I don't know if this changes and good players become harder to find later on in the game, but I might actually have spent more money on T11 to buy scouts if there was any point in doing so

    5 - Being Social - So I've turned down every in game friend request for fear of having friendlies arranged without my consent. I feel like it's a bit dismissive. I'd like to be social on the game and that would include being able to send a message to someone to say 'Well played', 'Good luck in your next game' or whatever else. You'd have to have a block feature to stop trolling, but it would be nice to be able to have some interaction with other players in the game and not just here in the forums (which is populated with people that I'm not going to be meeting in T11 matches, or so it seems)

    6 - The Positive(s) - At the moment, I haven't got 5 issues with the game, so I thought I'd end with the good stuff. Who knows, I may edit later!

    I've really enjoyed the game so far, the game engine hasn't treated me badly. Yes I've lost games and even against far worse teams, but that happens sometimes IRL and if I just ploughed through every game winning comfortably I think it would get boring quickly

    I've really enjoyed the challenge of facing better teams in the Cup because my league games have generally been easy and even CL has started out against mainly much worse teams (though I've still been beaten), so I would say that the new format is a success - although I never played in the old one to be fair

    I had an unlucky run of injuries, getting about 6 in two days including the same player for 6 days twice after I healed him the first time. This is frustrating, but part of football

    What I haven't had yet is a run of games where I absolutely dominate much weaker opponents in possession, shots, territory and everything else and yet every one I play against has a brick wall of a keeper and a dead-eye striker, who strangely enough seem to only play well against me - that is why I all but gave up on FMH

    I think this game has a hell of a lot going for it, so well done! Just a few minor tweaks and you're golden. Considering you can play the game for nothing and there is all this infrastructure and support I think it's excellent

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    Season 5, Level 5


    Season 1: League Champions (no Cup or CL)

    Season 2: League Champions, Cup silver medal, CL silver medal

    Season 3: League Champions, CL bronze medal

    Season 4: League bronze medal, CL winner, Cup winner

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    Great posts so far guys. I will keep this thread open until the end of the month and then round up all your answers. Keep them coming!

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    friendlies (both should agree to play) - all platforms
    strange results - all platforms

    (i'm not talking about single matches, im talking like stuff that happes to me atm. every match i have a vastly superior team, but i dont score more than 1 goal per match. even in a 5* avg vs 1* avg friendly i only won 1-0)
    League: 1st - 1st - 3rd - 2nd - 2nd - 1st - 3rd - 1st - 3rd - 2nd
    CL: x - Ro16 - 2nd - Ro4 - Ro8 - 2nd - 2nd - Ro16 - 1st
    Cup: x - Ro8 - 1st - Playoffs - Preliminary - Qualifying - Preliminary - Playoffs - Qualifying - Ro8


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    As a T-buyer who spent&invested 1500T this season, I would like to point out a couple of things (All platforms).

    Fixed results and Non-logical outcomes: I was quite convinced that this was quite impossible or didn´t occur in T11. But I was proven wrong the last past days. This is as you know, my 4th season so far and I have been monotoring every home&away game and therefore been able to follow the commentary as well (despite the fact if it was a simply league game or an important CL/CUP game). So far I´m doing well in the CUP & CL, despite the fact that I´ve been playing against equal opposition or better, I´ve managed to win. But when it comes to the league, I´ve hade a couple of setbacks against weaker teams and lost a couple of them as well which will probably result in a missed opportunity to seize the league trophy. But it isn´t the fact that I lost, but how I lost both games. From being 1-0 up the first quarter in both games, and then go down to 1-2 respectively 4-1 (despite the 60% ballpossesion + Q-advantage and where all goals being concieved after substitutions and injuries and a commentary that doesnt state which player is taking a free kick or corner, or why a player gets injured) It is difficult to understand how you lose two games like that. It just doesn't make sense at all. This kind of "turn-overs" don´t happen 2 days in a row (and that against the 2nd and 3rd teams!). It is therefore quite obvious that I´m not supposed to win the league this season because of all non- regulation, so I don´t give a fu*k anymore. A third place will suit us fine as you please. (Feel free to check/look into the games/result, so you dont think I´m lying)

    Injuries & substitutions: Players with high condition and moral (+90%) seems to get a lot more injuries then players with low condition&morale this season (I´ve been testing it). Also, the engine seems to target your best players or keyplayers as well, so you are forced to buy/use red packs. Another thing which is quite annoying is that when you heal a player in the morning, an another one seems to get a injury during the afternoon or evening (90% of the case). When it comes to the substitutions, there seems like the subs have the ability to score, get injured, get a booking or cause a free-kick/penalty right after they enter the pitch (happens to me quite often).

    Transfermarket - negotiations - scoutlist and the U21 players: So far, the TM is a disaster and the negotiations quite useless. Since the 1th week of the season, there hasn't been any server generated 5* players. Only a couple of grandpa´s that active managers want to get rid of. The negotiations are useless since nobody is willing to accept your offer, despite if it is a good one or a bad one, why? Because nobody have the opportunity to buy new ones due the lack of server generated players/replacements. If you want us to spend money/T, why don´t you generate more players and give us the opportunity to do so?

    When it comes to the scoutlist, I´m not sure whats the point with the "list" since the "list" doesn´t offer any better solutions/players then the TM/negotiations does. Of course, they all are scouts, but they are all bad scouts and 85% of them are 24+. Seriously, who wants a grandpa in their squad? If you want us to spend 50T for a scout, then give us a real scout and not a homer simpson!

    The U21 players/academy are probably the worst "option" of the 2 above, why? First, they aren´t as half as good as my subs. Second, the "free-one" are the "worst-one" and I dont even mind keeping him. The other one, which we sould pay 21T for aren´t worth the 21T. Yes, he might be a fast trainer, but you will be forced to spend another 46T for 50 greens packs and PT him to an "acceptabel" Q-level. So, I rahter buy a homer simpson scout and spare some quality time instead.

    Stadium & facilities (lvl cap): All my facilities are above lvl 4 and my stadium will be at lvl 5 in 10 days, but I´m quite dissapointed over the fact that you made it quite impossible for us to have the opportunity to have a full stadium because of the lvl "cap". My stadium can take 13.000, but only 11.500 are allowed to attend. This means a financial loss/decrease.

    Also, what´s the point with all medical/hospital and pitch updates since the injuries seem to increase and not decrease?

    That´s all for the moment.
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    1. Friendlies (all platforms) - Obviously keep the friendlies, but you should not be forced into friendlies when someone arranges a friendly match. I'm sure people have most likely suffered injuries and/or lost an important match as a result. Also, allow the opportunity to arrange a time for friednlies, not have a friendly within the next 5 minutes.

    2. Injuries (all platforms) - As with others, I have noticed that my injuries have increased considerably this season, despite upgrading my stadium overall for the home matches at least. While my injury list is not that bad and that I have the tokens and red packs to cope with this, others that don't buy tokens or complete offers often are going to be at a heavy disadvantage, maybe even turned away from the game. Also, the amount needed to heal players should come down a little as well for some short term injuries for the same reason.

    3. Youth Players/U21 (all platforms) - After upgrading the youth facilities, you should not have to pay an excessive amount of tokens just to sign your own youth player in the youth academy you put the time and money in to upgrade. As an example, I paid 24 tokens for a new ST (as I could sell an older ST that was only marginally better), which is 1 shy of halfway to buying a much higher rated Scout player with an SA, which would take a lot more than the 26 token difference to train a youth player up to that scout level and get an SA (especially if you want the youth player to take full advantage of his age). I would propose either eliminating the need to use tokens to sign your own youth player altogether (preferred) or, if there is a need that tokens must be used, have it as a maximum of 9 tokens. This way, those that disregard the youth system as pointless as the season's continue (such as some of the members on here) might find it worthwhile again, while those that do not buy or complete offers for tokens can actually afford the player and not waste over half of a seasons worth of gathering the free tokens that come with the game signing their own player.

    As for the two star youth player, while you get him for free, unless you do not have the squad/quality needed/tokens/money for a new player, he is practically useless and only worth signing for free money. For this, they should still be free, but improved to a point where they might be worthwhile (basically somewhere at least in the 3* quality of the managers level).

    Lastly, unless I just haven't seen enough of the youth products yet, a bit of variation wouldn't go amiss (for example, maybe you get a player now and then that might play in DL/DC or MR/MC/AMR, or even get a player with an SA on rare occasions).

    4. App discrepencies (iOS and Android at least) - When an update occurs on both versions, it seems that those on iOS get better updates than those on Android (for example, the recent update allows iOS users to watch videos to gain extra rests and packs similar to the Facebook platform, yet the Android update only gives you the referral system. While it is not a major issue, things like this seem to give an unfair advantage just because someone is using an Apple product and another is using an Android system. Updates should be the same for both app versions unless someone can explain the reason why the updates are different.

    5. Negotiations on Apps (iOS and Android at least) - There have been a few times where I want to train a player via the app (as I am not near a computer at the time), yet I am unable to because someone has made an offer via the negotiations. This is frustrating as it seems like I can't improve my player just because someone has made an offer and I might not be able to do said training until I get back to my computer, reject the offer and improve the player then. This is not a major issue, but it's a bit long winded just to reject an offer and train a player. Simple answer would be to add the negotiation function onto the apps so that they can be looked at and accepted/rejected on the spot (or make offers for other players).
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    1)GK Bug (all platforms)

    2)Variety among players (all platforms): I think that increasing the variety among players should add deepness to the game. Now there's too low difference between skills and also skills improvement of the same player. I mean: It's a bit ridicolous see Strikers 1,78 tall that have the same aerial skills than Strikers 1,95 tall. I think that players skills should be compared to players physics. so I will be glad to see Strikers whose skills are more unbalanced, not so homogenous like they are now. this will lead managers to find players on the market more suitable for their kind of playing style (ex: If I play down both flanks i will try to find a tall and strong ST with great aerial skill). Also new special ability like "aerial attacker" and "Crosses Specialist" can be added.

    3)injuries (all platforms): they are too many and they always target keyplayers or players that play on the same role

    4)Youth players (all platforms): reduce youth players cost or improve their quality to 5*stars at least

    5)Friendlies (all platforms): give us a button to reject fiendlies requests please
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    I just want to copy that because I agree totally with the writer about those issues:

    . friendly matches - please for the love of god make it so we will have to accept/reject friendly match requests. it will be probably the most useful thing you can add to this game right now.

    2. injuries -Ok and rather than what he says, make it easier to collect the red bags, I know you try to make this game realistic but there are too many injuries which make it not realistic at all. there are a lot of injuries in real matches that's right but they also have injury that a player comes 1 match after and good to play.. so reduce the time of injuries if they occur so often.

    3. U21 players - we invest a lot of money upgrading the youth academy so best you can do it let us get decent players out of it and without needing to spend tokens.. maybe you can add a type of player we need so it generates that particular kind of player (ST, MC etc..). My U21 pitch is level 7 and guess What ! I am getting 2 goal keepers at the same time ! @ least give us players with special ability.

    4. GK bug - as it's not getting fixed even though told long time ago it is one of the top 5 issues that need improving ( rating ).

    5. friends - Please in the support bar we want more than 15% because we have more that 30 friends cheering at some matches consider that.

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