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Thread: Stop the abuse of friendlies and return the training system to how it was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by USARABAT View Post
    I loved your use of the word FUBAR :P
    It's not a word it's an acronym
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    Any formation or tactics advice given is based purely on experience with my teams...

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    Quote Originally Posted by talisman View Post
    It's not a word it's an acronym
    I think I might rename my team with this.
    Or SNAFU.

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    Stragedy is important to a point but don’t think talent is not more important which is why the big clubs are always looking to buy players. They change coaches often unless you are Arsenal. The training is screwed up because it takes to many greens to train an eight or nine star player. Every club should be able too have a star or two. That makes it fun, but NORDEUS wants people to pay 40 to 60 dollars to have one then rip you off by taking 20 percent in a month under the guise he has not lost any talent but has moved up a level. LOL. He has lost his appeal to the owner. How many seasons does NORDEUS THINK people will continue following that plan.

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