Few days ago I wrote here:

A suggestion to increase the XP gaining in 1-2* players to give them a profit, and keep the oldies in a better form, and make them invisible to count the AvQ till a 60% is reached.

Now I'm gonna suggest something for the other side, the High AvQs.

I think the game needs a contention strategy to keep the AvQs arround the market referance level of 5*.

Because if not, with the amount of resources and the Free To Play mrgin that has achieved the game, finally, nothing have a value here.
We see people now receiving 80%s and is like -bahh.

Thats a problem tht comes from the lack of limits inside the game, here why I suggested too, close the training for players that reach 8* if the team don't promote.

Now I'm gonna suggest something simple, and is that the X2 XP bonus that is applied in the white skills, IMO should be stopped in each specific skill when this reaches 120% - 7*

There's a lack of limits, an abuse of tanking, we had abuses in multiple exploits that the game had, and in the end the game have a system adding managers looking the AvQ so this change basically will create less space between the AvQs, still I defend that allow 1-2*s reach faster the 3* would help to have basically 2 groups of managers, those who spend less and will stay between 3*- 6* and those who keep better players probably will stay in a average of 5*-8*.
And thats my viewpoint that say that the beatability margins too will need a modification, and stay again as in previous versions where was not posible lose vs a -60% like now. Too I'll come again to the idea of re-calibrate the high scores as before because there's a "cut line" where the scores vs teams of more much lesss AvQ become crazy and with a point of absurd.

So yes, this thread becomes a compilation related to a main problem, called lack of control in the qualities.