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Definately, but that´s not my point I didn´t want to go too much in game mechanic details. That would be much more complicated, whereas statistics are a simple thing to add. You don´t have to make a complete overhaul of the game, this is why I have a little bit of hope there, while I have zero hope for a useful gameCHANGE. THe game´s working, it can be player whether it´s fun or not but they earn theire money, right? There are a lot of things... team design as you metioned (most players are not good enough for the main squad after approximately 2 seasons), the transfer system, the league system (including upranks, friends)... well yeah I don´t wanna go too much into detail there, cause this has nothing to do with an easy improvement of stats. To change core mechanics you have too go much deeper and the changes have a much bigger influence. It would be not about adding, but changing. For that you need a lot of knowledge how the game works in its mechanics and how you achieve all the pieces to work together. It´s one thing to criticize what´s bad and I always support that, but to really change something you need to have a plan worked out to the last detail.
There´s much going wrong with T11, but as long as it earns money, nothing´s gonna happen. And the game design is working, and as in politics bad things won´t be changed as long as they work, even tho they don´t work well.

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