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Thread: Youth Academy, aka Useless academy (haha)

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWhiteKirby View Post
    I wish I could talk to you guys lol it's so hard to explain it in text I guess. It makes nothing but perfect sense to me but I can't express it well enough I guess
    I don't think so. It just doesn't work in this game. It would be to unbalanced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barrie Baflap View Post
    Besides that loan players simply wouldn't work, there is definitely a way to make the cheapest youth player usefull especially at the end of a season.
    I train them up to 19% or 39% and start a specialty training.
    The moment the new season has started, I'm getting offers, ask 4-5 tokens for them and usually sell them quite quickly
    Earning on youth or use potential of youth? Here is about...

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    So far İ had 3 Academy player for my Scoud and all of them are fast trainer player so , Academy isnt usesless for me )

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    Youth players should be allowed to leave on loan to get game time, can you make this happen Top eleven? In real football this happens

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    It would be easy you define what you wish for the player, position, stars, abilities and the academy showed the nember of days increasing as you inceased the quality demanded
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    Obviously not two tokens for 9* players. Most likely a season-long loan for a 9* star player would be around 25-30 tokens PLUS paying their weekly wages and a loan fee like in real life. Like I said- it would be an option but not an exploit. A 5* star player could have a loan fee of like 7-9 tokens, some millions depending on league level and their weekly wages. Just like in actual football, depending on the quality of player, it is sometimes cheaper to buy a player of less quality than loan a player of extraordinary quality.
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